> Wynd Halo + Home Purifier: Keep Your Home’s Air Healthy

Wynd Halo + Home Purifier: Keep Your Home’s Air Healthy

Our home should be the safest place to be on Earth. And by safe, I also mean healthy.

Unfortunately, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air in our home is on average 5 times more polluted than the air outside!


“Impossible!”, you may think! You know all best practices to get clean air in your home! Even if you use organic products only and ventilate well, you can’t avoid indoor pollutants.


Some toxins come uninvited into our homes and that’s not something we can control.


Simple daily activities like cooking or cleaning pollute our air, even more, if you have pets. Including allergens like pollen or smog.


The fact is: human activity has increased pollution at a very worrying rate in the past century. Even if we do our best to reduce our ecological footprint, such as avoiding using a car, avoid chemicals and plastics, eat less meat, buy organic products, we cannot ignore the fact that we are still breathing unhealthy air…


What if we would have a solution to finally breathe healthy air inside our homes?


Wynd solution


Wynd Halo and Home Purifier have gathered the best in technology to help your homes become free of pollutants, chemicals, allergens, and anything that could be hazardous in the air you breathe!


Wynd Halo and its Home purifier work together to help detect any type of pollutant in your home, and help you take the best course of action to clean your air within minutes!


Not only does it clean your living space, but it also does so in a smart, silent and quick way!.


Thanks to its latest technology sensors, it analyses the type of pollutants you are surrounded by (Volatile Organic Compounds, chemicals, toxins, bacterias, pet dander, pollen, smog, smoke, dust, and many more).


It has the capacity to silently filter up to a 1200 square feet space in about 30 minutes, which is about 537 cubic meters per hour!


Don’t worry about its consumption! It’s so smart that it knows when to start and stop. It identifies when someone is in the room and when the air needs to be purified, as the purifier works in pair with the Wynd Halo Sensor.


It also works with other IoT systems like the Amazon Alexa, Nest or Apple HomeKit.


Wynd taking care of your health


So what if you could enjoy breathing clean air inside your home, to not be exposed to any human carcinogen, airborne toxins, harmful chemicals, bacterias nor allergens?


Imagine a solution preventing respiratory problems, eyes or throat irritation, and headaches that are caused by poor indoor air?


You and your loved ones will finally be safe at home!


No matter the activity (relax, work, exercise), you need to be aware of those pollutants that can cause problems to your health and efficiency.


We now know that some toxins can be responsible for memory and learning impairment. It can go as far as long term hormonal problems, and even functional problems with the liver or kidneys. So it’s not only about your lungs!


That’s why the founder of Wynd was so focused on developing the top-range purifying air solution, as he wanted to provide us with fresh and healthy air to breathe, which should be available to everyone!


Get yours quickly to try it out!


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