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By Ikechukwu Nwuzoh

Leg protectors help to protect the skin from abrasions and tears. They are specifically designed for this purpose. Leg protectors are of different categories and the one to choose depends on your needs. Leg braces can cut down pain and keep the leg from scraps, bumps and injuries. An example of good leg protectors is Wikkies leg protectors. Wikkies leg protectors can offer support and warmth.

What is a thin skin?

A thin skin is a skin that has a sagging appearance with much visibility of capillaries and veins beneath it. This condition is mostly associated with elderly people.

Characteristics of a thin skin

Change in skin texture

The texture of your skin changes leading to roughness. A thin skin feels rough and behaves like a tissue paper.

Lesser defense from sun burns

A thin skin has lesser defense from sunlight and this is one of the disadvantages.

Less defense from injuries and scratches

A skin tends to develop bruises, scrapers and cuts faster.

What are the causes of thin skin


When someone gets old the skin do not form the collagen and other compounds as it does when the person is young. These substances decrease with age and influence the thickness and texture of the skin.

Excessive sunlight

Excessive sunlight can cause thin skin and can damage the skin.

Smoking and alcohol

Too much smoking and alcohol have some adverse effects on the skin. Alcohol and smoking can deteriorate the skin. You may not know this but that is the case.

Lack of adequate vitamins

If you do not eat enough vitamins then you are likely to have thin skin. Vitamins help to enhance and protect the skin. Foods rich with vitamins like vitamin E, A and K offer best results for the skin. Adding antioxidants in your food is essential too.

Use of adverse medications

Certain medications of different categories can thin the skin. Example if you always take aspirin daily, you will notice that your skin will get thinner. Steroids and blood thinners cause thinning of the skin. When you notice this you can ask your doctor for alternative medications.

Adverse treatments

Some healthcare treatments have adverse effects on the skin. Chemotherapy is an example.

Lack of exercise

Your skin produces collagen and other compounds when you exercise and this production reduces when you do not move around or exercise. You can take a walk or do other exercises and you don't have to go to the gym to exercise.

What are the remedies to thin skin?

Use of leg protectors

Leg protectors like Wikkies leg protectors can go a long way in protecting your skin. The use of skin protectors is one of the major ways of keeping the skin from thinning.

Use of skin care products

Using skin care products can promote the texture and health of your skin.

Qualities of Wikkies leg protectors

Wikkies leg protectors are durable and are comfortable to put on. They do not have much weight and they have adjustable scraps. Wikkies leg protectors are best when it comes to protecting the skin of your legs.


Aging and other factors can lead to a thin skin. Wikkies leg protectors are the best for protecting the skin from injuries and abrasions. You can order it and receive it in your country.


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