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Vita Brain Nootropic & Performance Nutrition

Are you interested in quick memorization of new information, clarity of thoughts, lack of fatigue after a lot of mental and physical exertion?  The unique combination of 9 components will give you clarity of mind and energy for new achievements.

Nine guardians of your health

1-2. Caffeine and vitamin B12 have long established themselves as successful fatigue fighters. V-brain contains them in sufficient quantity, but enhances its action due to more powerful and rare components. These components are:

3. L-choline plays an important role in the restoration of mental processes, improves the perception of verbal information. It stabilizes the nervous system, improves memory and attention, increases concentration.

4.Consuming L-tyrosine, you can not worry about the problems of brain functioning. L-tyrosine is necessary to create neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine – compounds that transmit impulses between neurons. Dopamine is responsible for the development of memory. Sitting in the morning with the cup of coffee, perhaps you remember something pleasant. All this is the merit of the neurotransmitter, but this time it is norepinephrine. So it turns out that without tyrosine morning coffee would be at times sadder!

5. L-carnitine stimulates the oxidation of fats and then converts them into energy. Without carnitine, the body cannot burn fat. This means that with its lack in the body, it will be difficult for you to replenish energy. This substance is not enough in plant products. If you do not consume red meats, you need an additional source of L-carnitine.

6. Bacopa monnieri is a very important Ayurvedic herb. It valued for improving memory in people with significant cognitive impairment; for faster memorization of new information; for the decrease in the rate of forgetting newly acquired information in humans; for improving memory and learning with prolonged use in people with neuroses.

7. The name Panax Ginseng comes from the Greek "panacea" (remedy for all diseases). The ginseng root bears the name of the king of all useful and medicinal plants for a reason.Since ancient times, it is estimated at the weight of a precious metal-gold. Ginseng strengthens memory, regulates metabolism, cardiovascular system, improves vision, gives longevity.

8. For thousands of years mankind is drinking tea regularly. It prevents a number of diseases, improve mood and cognitive functions of the brain, reduce the feeling of stress. The main substance in tea is L-theanine. It can cross the blood-brain barrier, and thus affect the chemical processes in the brain. L-theanine protects against nervous system disorders and cognitive dysfunction, reduces anxiety and depression, improves memory and learning ability. L-theanine reduces the level of free radicals and the cellular stress they cause. This increases the speed with which you perform tasks that require mental labor, and reduces the number of errors.

9. The special effect of Bioperine is due to its ability to activate the bioavailability of food components, improving their transportation into the bloodstream. This substance allows all components Vi-Brain to be absorbed in the body quickly and efficiently.

Vita Brain Nootropic & Performance Nutrition care about you

We make sure that Vi-Brain is available to everyone. It does not contain gluten, GMO, hormones, allergens. It is suitable for vegans and those who consume halal and kosher products. Order Vi-Brain and then the health and efficiency of your brain will be at a new height!


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by Evgeny Kulkov

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by Evgeny Kulkov