> UVGLO: The World’s Smallest And Smartest UV-C LED Sterilizer

UVGLO: The World’s Smallest And Smartest UV-C LED Sterilizer

Germs such as bacteria and viruses are quite ubiquitous on surfaces such as floors, phones, and other highly touched public objects. This necessitates the need to have a portable sterilizer to kill these germs. An ideal sterilizer should be both effective in killing germs rapidly and safe for the users.

A portable ultraviolet light sterilizer will be apt for individuals who value a high level of sterility anywhere they go especially when using public places such as hotels and restaurants.

Which brand of ultraviolet light sterilizer is the best? In view of its unique features, UVGLO is an ideal ultraviolet light sterilizer for reasons which will be highlighted subsequently below.

What Is UVGLO?

It is a portable ultraviolet (UV-C) LED sterilizer designed like a USB flash drive though smaller and lighter. UVGLO which is a prototypical ultraviolent sterilizer works as a germicide by destroying the nucleic acids of microorganisms.

Who Can Use UVGLO?

You are a single mother of a toddler living in a mold-infested house because of the humid terrain of the environment. No matter how hard you try to clean your clothes and rooms, molds still grow constantly in your clothes and on the floor. Your baby has had recurrent cases of fungi skin infection which has cost you a lot to buy antifungal medications. Your only option is to rent a house in a drier environment but you can not afford it.

Similarly, a business consultant who travels regularly and has to lodge in different hotels during these trips is exposed to contaminated surfaces. This individual is susceptible to minor ailments unless extra caution is taken. For instance, this person has to sterilize the clothes and beddings used at each trip which is expensive and difficult to maintain.

Being in these or similar scenarios necessitates the acquisition of UVGLO to relief the stress associated with having a hygienic environment and the cost of sterilization.

Why Use UVGLO?

UVGLO provides ultraviolet disinfection which sterilizes your clothes, rooms and household items such as utensils. It does not have any chemicals and leaves no chemical residue on sterilized objects so it is safe. Also, it is portable and light thus you can use it on your trips to sterilize your clothes, hotel room, and other highly contaminated objects.

How UVGLO works?

·   Attach it into the charging port of your phone.

·   Point the ultraviolet light over the surface you want to be sterilized at 0.4 inches away from the surface. 

·   Move the ultraviolet light from side to side over the surface for 15 seconds.

Merits Of UVGLO Over Other Ultraviolet Light Sterilizers

  • UVGLO does not have rechargeable batteries unlike other brands of ultraviolet light wand sterilizers. Hence, it is more cost effective and portable to use.
  • UVGLO has low power consumption capacity whereas other brands have a higher power consumption capacity which causes the rapid drainage of your phone batteries.

In conclusion, UVGLO will meet your needs of having a sterile and hygienic environment anywhere you go. Its highlighted unique feature makes it your pocket sterilizer which can be used on the GO. It is free of any lethal health effects so order your UVGLO today.

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by Christopher Ugo Oseh