> The Back Pedal : A Smarter Back Pain Device

The Back Pedal : A Smarter Back Pain Device

Many of us suffer from back pain nowadays and do not know what to do to feel better.

We go to visit doctors and they do not find anything wrong most of the time. 


Why our lifestyle is not helping


Most of us use a car, even for short distances.

Even in pedestrian-friendly cities, we use modern devices like electric scooters instead of walking.

So we go to work, not even walking. Then we sit at our desks for 8 hours, have lunch (sitting), and go home. 

If our body gets lucky, we will allow it to do some exercises. 

Finally, we sit on the sofa and check our mobile phone before going to bed...

Not ideal for our back. Then we wonder why we have so much pain...


I have had feet and back pain since I am 15. Later, I had foot surgery and even if I love moving, my feet are limiting me.

If like me, you are suffering from back pain, and you are not able to do a lot of sports, you might be interested to find out what helped me feel better.


Healthy habits


  • Stretching

Every morning, I stretch my back for 10 to 30 minutes.

I recommend you to ask a physiotherapist to explain you the right movements.


  • Sport

Some sports are extremely good for our back and do not require to be fit, nor lots of physical efforts. 

Check classes with physiotherapists, rather than at a gym.

They will correct your posture and ensure you do the movements correctly.

Pilates, postural training, swimming (the right way! check with a professional) are good options.


  • Massage

My muscles get quickly tired. I found that a gentle massage is helpful to calm me down and keep moving.

I use essential oils like katrafay (pronounced Katchaf eye). It is a plant from Madagascar.

I mix it with an Aloe Vera body lotion and it does wonders!


  • Heat

Instead of taking medication, I take a heating pad and place it on the lumbar area for 15 minutes. Use a piece of cloth to not burn your skin and do not warm it up too long.


  • Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

Although it may be necessary, it can be very expensive.

So what if we had a solution, made by physiotherapists, that you can do from the comfort of your home?


The back pedal

I am always searching for innovative solutions to my health challenges that can improve quality of life. I want to depend less on medicines and therapists, and more on my own actions.

What if there was actually an easy solution, conceived by health professionals, to reduce greatly our back pain?

Something that we could actually use by ourselves and would only require a few minutes a day to greatly improve our condition?


How the back pedal works

This device is actually very simple and does not require much maintenance.

It will make you do the right movements, without having to do lots of efforts. Just a few minutes a day for 2 weeks, and you should already see the benefits.


When we have problems (like scoliosis), our body takes positions to compensate. And we loose alignment, responsible for lower back pain.

That´s when the back pedal could come in handy.

You could use it every day to realign your pelvis and help to release tensions in your back.


So what are you waiting for?

Get yours and see how helpful it is!


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