> Spark - The World's Smallest Dry Herb Oven

Spark - The World's Smallest Dry Herb Oven

We have all heard how bad smoking is for your health. It increases the risk of health problems such as those related to the heart and the lungs. It is also a habit that is very hard to give up and let's face it, society does not help in this regard.


How to be a healthier smoker

Most problems with smoking arise from the actual burning of the herb. Even burnt toast is bad for your health and that passes through a lot of our innate defence mechanisms before it is absorbed into the body. When inhaling a substance, the protection against them is lower. When using a dry herb oven such as Spark, the herb is heated but not burnt. This makes the process healthier, therefore, the bad impact on your body is lowered.

Enjoying the taste

A burnt slice of bread is not tasty. No matter how much butter or jam you put on it, you cannot enjoy it as much as a properly toasted sandwich. When burning herb, one cannot enjoy the true taste of the herb as the taste is lost among the tastes of smoke and burning plant material. When vaporising herbs in Spark, there is no smoke and no burning plants, therefore you can enjoy the true flavour of the herb.

Discreet Vaping

When vaping you would expect a large cloud of vapour coming out of your mouth and nose. Even though often desired by the person vaping, people around might not be so excited. The Spark Dry Herb Oven allows you to vape your herb around people without being detected. Vapour does not come out of your mouth, therefore, no one needs to know what you are doing. No smells are produced therefore no one will suspect what you are inhaling. 

Waste Not

Spark Dry Herb Oven is economical because there is less waste of resources. The herb is only cooked when you want it to. If you do not inhale, the herb does not heat up, therefore, there is no waste to the atmosphere. This leaves more for you to enjoy. It does not take up a lot of time to set up and use therefore you save up time as well.

Go Small

There is no need to go big. Actually, it's better to go small. The Spark dry herb oven is small enough to fit in your pocket, therefore, you can have access to it all the time. It won't take up a lot of space in your bag or your pocket so you can carry it without any worries as to where to put it.

Temperature Control

We are all different, therefore our tastes are different. The Spark Dry Herb Oven can be set up at three different temperatures so that you can choose which one you like. Some of us prefer white toast, others like that light golden brown bread and others prefer nearly burnt sandwiches. Likewise, different people prefer different intensities of flavour that comes out from different temperature settings.

The Spark Dry Herb Oven is a good investment to enjoy herb vaporisation in a safer and more economical way.

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by Michelle Marie Cassar

Michelle Cassar is a Malta based Pharmacist by profession but a writer and traveler by passion. She writes about anything that seems interesting especially traveling, medical blog posts as well as promotional content for innovative products. She is also dabbling in script writing.

by Michelle Marie Cassar