> SMART Furnace Filter. Breathe Clean Air For Life.

SMART Furnace Filter. Breathe Clean Air For Life.

Have you ever wondered why your acne has worsened or why you have developed respiratory problems? You may have asthma and sometimes you are short of breath? This may surprise you, but dirty particle-rich air can actually cause great damage to the organism. Foul air can be the cause for modern diseases of the respiratory system, may worsen skin problems and trigger allergies.

How polluted air affects asthma and why ALVI- SMART Furnace Filter can ease the symptoms?

Asthma is a disease of the respiratory system and it is characterized by shortness of breath and extra produced mucus. People with asthma experience chest pain, they cough and wheeze regularly. Asthma may be occupational or allergy-induced. Occupational asthma is often triggered by workplace irritants, chemical compounds, toxins, gases, and allergy-induced asthma is induced by pollen, mold, dust, viruses. What is the problem with most of the contemporary air filters? They neither catch small particles nor cope with viruses, their limit is 3 microns in comparison with the ALVI system, which can do much better! It can sense and eradicate particles which are even 0.0001 microns due to the new polarized technology. This system even beats your trachea and bronchi with their ciliated epithelium. Not only does ALVI clean your home from dirt, but it also provides great ventilation, which is another factor that should be taken into consideration when it comes to asthma. Stale air can cause additional coughing and shortness of breath but with the ALVI system, the pain and symptoms can be easily relieved. The ALVI system is also environmentally friendly because it is made of recycled materials.

You might have lost many battles with your acne but ALVI can help you win the war.

Many dermatologists advise their patients to cut down on sugar, dairy products, and even meat due to hormones. On one hand, a new diet might relieve acne symptoms and balance hormones, but on the other hand, skin irritants such as chemical toxins, particles, dust can continue stimulating inflammatory processes. Polluted air causes clogged pores, oxidative stress, premature aging. Nowadays, more and more people suffer from acne and even innovative antibiotics cannot help sometimes. Often the reason for acne can be as simple as that- polluted air. Since we live in the era, in which gigantic factories produce enormous amounts of gases and toxins it is no wonder why some people have their skin inflamed. Thanks to the polarized system of ALVI you can minimize, if not eradicate some of the factors that contribute to acne. The system catches bacteria, viruses, gases, particles and ventilates the air.


Other benefits of the ALVI home system

It is economical. You can save a lot of money each year as you do not need to change the filters so often as when you use a standard filter system. It also comes in many sizes. You can check in the official websites which size would fit the best. It is tested, certified and it is even installed in hospitals.




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by Petra Kavradzhieva

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by Petra Kavradzhieva