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Do you wish you could get more vitamins into your children's diet? Are you overwhelmed by the choice of multivitamins on the market? Do you feel concerned about the actual ingredients and find it hard to know if what you are buying is good enough? Simply Natural Vitamins believe the choice of what to give our children is a very personal one and have gone the extra mile to ensure their products are as healthy and accountable as can be.

Without a doubt, the very best way for us all to get vitamins is through our food and drinks. As adults, even the vegetables that we're not so keen on, we’ll probably eat now and again if we know they really are good for us. But it can be an awful lot harder to convince little people of the huge advantages and health benefits of getting all the right vitamins on a regular basis. There are many things you can try for your children, from making fun homemade milkshakes packed with fresh fruit to delicious pasta sauces full of vegetables that might not otherwise be consumed, but sometimes, this simply isn’t enough. Or, it doesn't work. Or, there is just no time.

If you have a vegetable fussy child who refuses to consume the healthier things you make, vitamins are a great last resort. However, its never been more important to make sure that the vitamins you choose are natural, good for your children and contain the ingredients they really need.

My Children Don't Like Taking Vitamins

It is quite common for children to not want to consume vitamins, either because of a funny taste or with older kids, because of not being able to swallow tablets. Simply Natural Vitamins' chewy texture makes it easier than ever, and fun, to get the right vitamins into your children. Their sweet look and texture make them a hit with kids, whilst you know that there is nothing but goodness inside.

How Do I Know What Is In The Vitamins I Buy?

There are so many vitamins on the market to choose from but sadly not all of them may have the best ingredients for your little ones. From preservatives to artificial colours, there are many commonplace ingredients it's important to avoid. Simply Natural Vitamins only use natural ingredients in their products, making them ideal for little people. The Children's Complete Multi-vitamin is not only certified organic but also contains non-GMO products and are even gelatin free, making them ideal for vegetarians too.

So whether you're child refuses to eat their greens, or won't eat fruit often enough, or you are having one of those days when there simply isn't the time to make fresh food for them, Simply Natural Vitamins has you covered. Keep these trusty, chewable vitamins to hand so that you can always give your children the nutrients they need to remain healthy. Simply Natural Vitamins even offer chewable vitamins for men and women too, meaning the whole family can be supported, especially on those more testing days, too.

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by Karen Rose Kingsbury