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Ridge Stand 2.0

While indulging in work we often forget to keep a check on our health, we forget how important it is to make a pact with a healthy lifestyle. Our prolonged usage of gadgets sometimes takes a toll on our health; it can cause neck strains, posture issues and many more. Keeping that in mind, Ridge stand is designed with the use of advanced technology that ensures flexibility and allows you to work with all the desired comfort. The thickened rubber bumper and our groove design of the stand hold your device securely and give non-slip protection. There is a myriad of benefits of using Ridge stand that will make your work life simpler and better!

Portability Gives You the Desired Flexibility

Isn’t it the best thing to work in the environment you love? Of course, it is! The lightweight design of the ridge stand allows you to carry it anywhere in the world and work while keeping your comfort intact! The ridge stand carrying case makes it easier for you to pack it up and carry.

Improves Your Posture

The prolonged laptop usage causes neck strains and posture issues but you can’t stop working right? So, to solve your dilemmas, the ergonomic ridge stand is designed with perfection to serve you with the best and to improve your postures. Impeccably designed to fit the exact angle of your MacBook or iPad, this ridge stand delivers the desired comfort.

Designed with Perfection to Endure Your Comfort

Giving you the adjustable option, you can elevate the ridge stand according to your eye level and keep the strains away. The wider and thicker design of the stand ensures its durability and makes it suitable to withstand the weight of your laptop. Encouraging an improved posture, this ridge stand is highly preferable among the freelancers and travelers.

Innovative Design for Better Work Experience

Excessive use of the gadget might cause overheating; the ridge stand is designed to elevate your laptop off your desk which ensures optimal performance and user-friendly experience while preventing it from overheating. You can also add the cooling fan kit for better airflow to reduce gadget heating while you are busy watching videos, coding, or photo/video editing.

Keep it all Organized

With its innovative and functional design, this ridge stand for laptops and iPad keeps away the clutter and gives you clearer space that promotes productive work ideas. Lesser the clutter, greater will be the focus and productivity! The ridge stand 2.0 not only ensures that you work with comfort but also keeps your workspace organized. The built-in cable organizer removes the jumble of wire and prevents them from tangling.

Additional Benefits

The innovative design of the ridge stand also includes an extensional clamp which allows you to add a USB hub and wireless charger. Now you don’t need to worry if you don’t have enough USB ports, with ridge stand you can charge your phone while using the laptop. This simple to set up ridge stand for your gadgets is highly beneficial to make your work life more comfortable and productive.



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by Himali Gupta