> P8S: Fastest Air Purifier With Nanoscale Filter

P8S: Fastest Air Purifier With Nanoscale Filter

Many people are driving a car on a daily basis to go to work, school, university, parties, meetings with friends or just travel to different places. Spending time in the vehicle could be really dangerous for our health. In 2001 there was a range of experiments in the urban areas that showed that the drivers in the cars are exposed to the higher level of air pollution than the people who are walking or cycling. In addition to outside pollution, there are also different reasons for the dangerous environment inside of the vehicle as a smell of gasoline, formaldehyde, smoke, dust, bacterias and the toxic volatile organic compounds found in textiles, glue or plastics chosen for the manufacture of the car interior. All of these could lead to irritation, dizziness, allergic reactions or even some diseases. The bad air in the vehicle can cause you in long-term serious health problems with chronic exposure. One of the ways you can minimalize this affection is to use purifiers. Most of the purifiers are working with slow speed and cleaning the air for more than a half an hour or they don't have the potent to remove all the pollutants. Sometimes in the city when you are driving daily from place to place you are spending less than that time, so the purifier is useless in many cases. But now on the market is a new solution to this problem which guarantees you better health protection and fast purifying of the air inside of the vehicle -  the Roidmi P8S car air purifier.


Incredible working speed

The Roidmi purifier is equipped with a powerful dual centrifugal fan that can thoroughly purify the air in the car in just 2 mins. It makes P8S the fastest purifier on the market. It uses two high-performance fans to take in and expel air through 4 independent curvy air ducts. Clean air spirals around smoothly circulating 360° in all directions to fill every corner of your car with speed of 70m3/h.


The cleanest purifier and perfect protection

The Roidmi purifier is equipped with an integrated nanoscale filter. The design of 360 barrel style and 3-layers integrated filter ensures filtering the particles in the air with high efficiency. The first layer provides 360° filtration of dust, mould, hair and other particles. The second layer is the ultra-dense HEPA filter which is used in hospitals and labs to filter out micro-sized particles like pollen and other inhalable particles. It is also coated with the special antibacterial layer, which is killing the inhibit bacteria and viruses. The third layer is the Nanoscale filter which works against Formaldehyde, smoke, vehicle exhaust and other harmful substances and odours.


Comfort and safety monitoring

Laser detection with LED display monitors the air quality in the car to ensure safety and clean air in real time. The comfort is also guaranteed with low noise design which is 35.8 dB(A) in silent mode in order to not distract you during the drive. 

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by Mariya Iliychova Georgieva

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by Mariya Iliychova Georgieva