> OneForNeptune Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious SEA JERKY

OneForNeptune Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious SEA JERKY

We all love a good snack, but most of the times, to be frank, a lot of the snacks are loaded up with unnatural ingredients and unnutritious chemicals to keep you wanting more. This is the main reason why people are starting to look for healthier and more sustainable alternatives such as One For Neptune Sea Jerky. 


Did you know that 3 out of 4 of general consumers desire healthier snack options while statistics show that 90% of Americans are not eating enough healthy seafood? A great advantage of eating One for Neptune Sea Jerky is that it is simply a healthier alternative. One For Neptune fish jerky is made from Rockfish, more than nearly any other animal protein, has more Selenium, an antioxidant that helps prevent coronary heart disease, fights inflammation, and increases blood flow. Compared to traditional beef jerky, this snack also has 0g saturated fat, 30-100x Omega 3 fatty acids and 1.5x the protein. Not to mention, all products are free of preservatives (including nitrates), gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO. 

Sustainable and Traceable

One For Neptune believes that you should know your fish, know your fishermen, and know your fishery. It is also passionate about advancing sustainable seafood and is committed to contributing to this advocacy through various operations and outreach efforts. One For Neptune's business model targets inefficiencies that exist in the seafood supply chain which means that that companies growth has a direct impact in decreasing the seafood underutilization. 

One For Neptune aims to develop the capacity of seafood processors to sell offcuts sustainable for its use. It also sources undervalued and underutilized US West Coast groundfish which helps reduce waste in the supply chain and even at the consumer level, where a majority of the food loss usually occurs, with a 24-month shelf life. Ensuring shelf stability also incurs a lower carbon footprint than the fresh and frozen seafood supply chains. 

There is also a surprising lack of knowledge about seafood. The average person is shocked to learn that 90% of US seafood is imported and the high degree of global fish stock exploitation. Did you know that as much as 68% of imported seafood in the US is mislabeled? Also, currently less than 2% can be traced to the fisherman that caught it. We need to know where our seafood comes from. As such, One For Neptune uses the latest traceability technology that enables consumers to be informed of exactly where the fish they have was caught as well as the name of the fisherman who caught it. 

Through various partnerships and efforts, One For Neptune's efforts to push forward the sustainable seafood industry goes beyond just the business model. The digital marketing approach was designed to include the dissemination of assorted content from difference seafood advocacy partners and colleagues in the scientific community. People need to know about the issues in seafood to care about the issues in seafood. 


More than just your regular jerky, One For Neptune advances the advocacy of modern and sustainable seafood. Consumer and investors of One For Neptune Sea Jerky are not only opting for a healthier food option but also helping push forward a greater development cause. 

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by Leigh Fuentes

Leigh is an artistically-inclined, twenty-something woman from the Philippines. At a young age, she was bitten by the travel bug; though harmless, it can get quite infectious. She loves to write about travel, food, culture, and events. She graduated with a degree in Development Communication and is currently based in Metro Manila.

by Leigh Fuentes