> MOFT - World’s First Invisible Laptop Stand

MOFT - World’s First Invisible Laptop Stand

The world has always been in need of an ergonomic and convenient solution to working on the go, and not disregarding your health and posture. That was until MOFT - The World's First Invisible Laptop Stand came about in existence. While laptops and tablets are convenient to carry around, they do somewhat lack the height and angle required for a person using the device to type or have the screen at a comfortable viewing level for them. What MOFT does for that kind of people is extraordinary - it provides height, foldability, and accessibility at pretty much minimum weight! Now if that doesn't pass off as convenient, then I don't know what does!

The reasons why every laptop owner must invest in a MOFT - The World's First Invisible Laptop Stand are pretty straight-forward - 

As the name suggests, it is invisible!

Well, obviously not completely invisible, but when attached to the laptop and not in use, it really does seem invisible. Unlike most of the laptop stands out there, this one isn't bulky and heavy to carry around. If you like traveling light, this is the laptop stand for you!

It is super sleek and almost weightless

This laptop stand is just 3mm wide and weighs only 2.3 ounces! This barely adds any extra weight to your laptop and makes traveling and working on the go very simple and easy to manage. Given its light and compact build, it can even bear the weight of large laptops as well (up to 15.6 inches).

It gives the user the kind of elevation and angle they require

Traditional laptops are very convenient, but most people struggle with achieving the right and most desired elevation and angle so that you can work comfortably without adding any strain to your eyes or your neck and back.

It improves your posture

This laptop stand gives you the option of 2 elevation heights, and angles of 15 and 25 degrees. Choose what works best for you, set up the stand and work stress-free without compromising on your health or your posture. It in facts makes you want to sit up straighter, in turn improving your posture.

It is foldable and easy to use

It has a very strong and effective glue pad, which sticks to your laptop very snugly. It has some magnets built in which makes it easy to snap the stand in place and fold it up as well when it is not in use. This is a very sturdy case, which is highly foldable and can bear up to 18 pounds.

It has some color options

For when you do see the case, it sure is quite pleasurable to the eyes! Available in shades of gold, rose gold, silver, and grey. You can take your pick and go with a color which appeals to you the most.

In short, this is the laptop case you have always been looking for! It is sleek, lightweight, easy to use, simple to attach and detach from the laptop, and so very convenient!

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