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Lil Buff Protein Cake

First of all, let’s talk about the product! A Cake Protein? Such amazing, hum? A dessert pack with healthy nutrients, gluten-free, low calories, no guilt? Wow! That is not possible! Yes, my friend, that exists! So, please open your mouth to bite a piece of it! Tell me later, if that isn’t worth a try it!

The Cake Mix Protein

Created by Lil Buff Protein, these save lives cake mixes are available for you in 2 incredible flavours: Original Fit-Fetty and Cocoa Crave for the Chocolate Lovers! They are prepared with Coconut Flour, Whey Protein Blend and include a bunch of joy to make your day happiest: Sprinkles!

The Original Fit-Fetty is a dream cake mix because you can switch or add a new ingredient to create a total, different flavour on your own! Spread blueberries; raspberries; add orange juice instead of milk; little vanilla drops; it is a new world of possibilities! Be creative!

The Cocoa Crave is the best choice to create brownies, muffins, cookies, chocolate layer cake and put a stop in your craziness in the afternoon. Treat the chocoholic hidden in your soul and feed your body with healthiness.

Why am I so excited about it? Because now, I have options to save myself from depressive hours in the office when everyone is eating a cake, a doughnut, a cookie and I remember of the jelly on the fridge. So, stop thinking on appealing desserts and Eat a cake who worthy the slice, not just sugar and carbs!

Look the list below:

Reasons for tasting

Well, I can give you a bunch of ideas to try it:

  • Easy to prepare
  • High Protein
  • Gluten-Free
  • Nut-Free
  • Fibre
  • Microwaveable
  • Versatile
  • Fits in your Diet! And this is the best one!

How to prepare

That is so easy-peasy! A piece of cake! Ha! You will need a few ingredients:

  • One Egg white
  • 1/8 cup of Milk (cashew, almond)
  • 1/2 cup Unsweetened Applesauce

Stir together in a microwaveable container, put in the microwave oven, high heat for 2.5 minutes-ish, press the button and That’s it! Eat the Cake!

The other option is bake in a greased pan for 15-20 minutes, but I must recommend, goes for the microwave, your cake will be ready to eat in 5 minutes!

Are you not convinced? Check the next options!

Limited editions

During the year, seasonal mix cakes come up to bring Happiness to our lives! Currently, there are two options Gingerbread Cake Mix and Blueberry & The Beast. Craving for a blueberry muffin? Oh, my Gosh! I will come back in 5 minutes to continue…

Previous versions launched: Raspberry, Lemon Cake (I love it), Strawberry, the extraordinary Pumpkin Spice. Perfect Halloween cupcake!


You might give a chance to the Toppings, as well, you know? The sky is the limit: Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese, a light Greek Yogurt with lemon zest?

Find a lot of new recipes on Pinterest because everyone is creating them.

Where to buy

Shop online directly from Lil Buff Protein

Sizes options:

  • Single Serving
  • 5-Pack Single Serving
  • Starter Pack - include a microwave container
  • Bulk Mix Bag, a good choice, one bag fulfilled with ten servings and a significant discount $$$

For limited edition flavours, sold out at Lil Buff Protein, you can try these: Top Nutrition & Fitness; Johnny B Sweet Inc

Choose your favourite or get all and wait for your parcel be delivered into your home!

I hope you give them a try to find out how tasteful they are!

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by Andreia Batista

Andreia Batista, Brazilian from Sao Paulo. An entire lifetime in a food diet! I used to live in London from June of 2015 until September of 2018; currently, I am living in Portugal. I am passionate about travel, food, books, the sea, the moon and how all these things can change a person. I am that kind of person who cries watching the Christmas advert. I am a former Accountant & Business Administrator working as an IT Consultant to implement software and an aspiring writer. At this moment I am studying professional writing and digital media management.

by Andreia Batista