Kinflyte: Hi-Tech Posture Bra & Activewear Capsule

By Ella Travels

<p>Are you spending long hours sitting in an office environment?</p>
<p>Do you often complain about lower back, shoulder, or neck pain?&nbsp;</p>
<p>Is poor posture one of your concerns, knowing the damage it can do to your health?</p>
<p>Or are you simply looking to look great and enhance your body shape?</p>
<p><br />Whatever your motivation, you should really look for ways to improve those aspects to help you feel healthy and beautiful at the same time!</p>
<p>In my case, I have been looking for many ways to improve my posture and reduce back pain, and I found several options available that you could try for yourself!</p>
<h4>Stretching and regular exercises</h4>
<p>I have developed a routine for years now: every morning when I wake up, I take my yoga mat, and I start a 15-minute session of both strengthening and stretching exercises. And if I don&rsquo;t have time, I do it before going to bed. It has been crucial to keeping my back in shape.</p>
<h4>Specific classes to improve posture</h4>
<p>Just check what is available in your area.<br />I am lucky to live in Barcelona and we have lots of options available. I have tried most of them: Alexander technique, postural training, hypopressive abs, Pilates, yoga, swimming (properly!).</p>
<p>You need to see what works best for you. Especially if you suffer from chronic pain. I suggest checking with your doctor what suits best.</p>
<p>In my case, I really like the Alexander technique. You need to be patient though. It does not give immediate results. At least, in my case. It helps you to be in the right posture, without forcing it.</p>
<p>I also love the postural training. It is a combination of yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises. If you do it long enough, you will learn how to keep the right posture in any situation.</p>
<h4>A second skin with Kinflyte</h4>
<p>Have you ever tried a back brace? <br />I bought 2 and not only were they uncomfortable, but they were also not sexy at all!</p>
<p>Kinflyte, however, is acting like a second skin. It feels like it&rsquo;s part of you.<br />Moreover, it&rsquo;s very light so easy to pack anywhere in your suitcase.</p>
<p><br />It has been designed to be breathable and stays odorless all day, which makes it really comfortable.</p>
<h4>What benefits will you experience with Kinflyte?</h4>
<p>It will help you keep an adequate posture, for both your lower back and higher back/shoulders.</p>
<p>Then, it will be your perfect companion for any kind of indoor or outdoor sport.</p>
<p>And last but not least, it will help you enhance your body shape and feel sexy at all times!</p>
<p><br />That is for me a great plus compared to other solutions&nbsp;because when you are in pain, feeling attractive automatically makes you feel happier, and focus less on your pain!</p>
<h4>How does Kinflyte work?</h4>
<p><br />It is made of 3 pieces:&nbsp;a wire-free bra, a top, and underwear.</p>
<p><br />Each piece has its function and will help you improve both your shape and posture from top to bottom of your back.</p>
<p><br />Its patented system will support every part of your back which helps align your body correctly.</p>
<p>Kinflyte will help you enhance your silhouette as well. And the top has also been thought for you to go out and train in an easy way, as it includes a zipper pocket to keep small belongings – literally with you!</p>
<p>I hope my tips will help you feel great and healthy at the same time!</p>


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