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Dynamic human life in the modern world, requires each person processing large amounts of information, constant replenishment of energy, resistance to stress and the possibility of rapid recovery, which is based on a healthy sleep.  However, we are often accompanied by chronic fatigue, lack of energy and insomnia. Innovative products from Inhale Health® provide protection against these three major health enemies in the 21st century . Due to inhalation, the necessary substances enter the blood as quickly as possible, bypassing the long way of assimilation through the digestive tract.

Forget about chronic fatigue

Vitamin B12 is food for the brain. Even moderate deficiency of this substance in the body can lead to decreased mental capacity and chronic fatigue. This is-one of the most important vitamins for vegetarians, as the largest amount of it is contained in animal products.  However, in order for B12 to be properly absorbed by the body, the stomach, small intestine, and pancreas must be healthy. What to do for those people who have disorders in the work of these organs, preventing the effective absorption of this vitamin? Problem is solved by the drug Vitamin B12 Strawberry Fields™ company Inhale Health®. After removing the lid from its packaging, you will inhale up to 12mcg B12 within 3 seconds!

To shake off the fatigue

Increased activity-the most obvious effect of caffeine. Brain and body activity is regulated by adenosine, a substance that accumulates in the brain during waking hours. The more adenosine – the more we want to sleep, lose concentration. Caffeine, entering the brain, because of the similarity of  structure takes the place of adenosine in the receptors and replaces it. The brain believes that adenosine is not enough, and we need to be active. Caffeine is effective for increasing care and concentration in cases of fatigue or lack of sleep.  You don't have to think about how much coffee I can have to cheer myself up. Open the Inhale Health Caffeine® inhaler cap and inhale for 3 seconds up to 16mcg of caffeine.

Regain a healthy sleep and slow down aging

The developed countries of the world are extending days and reducing nights in an attempt to become a society of continuous round-the-clock productivity. But light pollution, formed by modern technology, has become a heavy biological burden on the human body. More than 200,000 years ago, humans developed organs that use environmental signals. We have developed a biological clock that is controlled by the cycles of light and darkness on Earth. Artificial lighting destroys this biological clock and melatonin production, which adversely affects your health. Melatonin helps people fall asleep faster and stay awake, feel less anxious, and get less tired during the day. This substance plays a role in slowing brain aging. Deficiency of melatonin leads to a weakening of the human immune system and a higher risk of cancer. How to replenish it? Inhale Health® Melatonin is the most effective inhalation sleep aid. Inhale it 5 to 10 times before going to bed and your body will get up to 1 mg of melatonin. One inhaler without recharging-a month of your healthy sleep.

Inhalers with melatonin, caffeine and vitamin B12-three whales of your health!

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by Evgeny Kulkov

For many years I travel and do tourism. The journeys I have made and continue to make are divided into three types. First: economy-travel with my wife and two children (rent cheap housing, self-cooking, etc.). Second: single kayak trips along the rivers of Russia with visits to small towns and historical sites (about 40 rivers). Third: hitchhiking through Europe. I also love my Moscow and know a lot about my city. All that I have accumulated during my travels and my walks around Moscow, I want to share with you.

by Evgeny Kulkov