> GN 18 Smallest Easy Sleep Earphone

GN 18 Smallest Easy Sleep Earphone


Finally, an earphone designed especially for sleep.

The GN18 may just be the world’s smallest set of earphones. They’re ultra-small and ultra-comfortable, measuring less than 20mm long with a diameter of only 7mm and weighing less than 1.5g. Despite the micro-size, they boast excellent and uncompromised sound quality. If you value your sleep, this is the innovation in earphones you’ve been waiting for.


The importance of sleep

Getting enough sleep is more important for your health than you may realise. Lack of sleep has been linked to many serious illnesses. Your immune system becomes weakened and your body’s ability to fight off diseases is greatly reduced. You also put yourself at greater risk of certain cancers, diabetes, coronary heart disease and having a stroke.

Not enough sleep also has very real immediate consequences. It impairs your ability to think. Problem-solving, reasoning, decision making, and memory are all negatively impacted. This can have serious consequences at work and in daily life.


Factors affecting sleep

However, getting enough sleep is not always easily done. Snoring partners and outside noises, like construction, barking dogs, playing children or traffic, invade our peace and make it impossible to get a good sleep. On a more internal level, stress and anxiety can also keep us awake at night.


Seeking a solution to help you sleep

GN18 earphones are designed to overcome such problems. The super tiny earbuds are so light you will barely even notice them. The miniature size makes them super comfortable. Even when lying on your side, there’s no pressure or pain from plastic digging into your ear. At the same time, they offer serious noise reduction of up to -50 decibels. Using GN18 earphones to listen to relaxing music or ambient sounds will help send you off into a tranquil sleep in no time.


Finding the perfect fit for your ear

GN18 earphones come with five different styles of in-ear silicone cases so you can customise your listening experience to your exact needs. Depending on your ear shape, you can choose from small, medium or large cases.


Double layer ear case

The double layer ear case sits deeper into the ear canal, effectively reducing outside noises. With this attachment, high-frequency noises sound better, while medium background noises are blocked. The double layer ear case will help you find space to relax no matter where you find yourself.


Memory cotton ear case

The memory cotton ear case has excellent noise reduction and improves low-frequency sounds. This is the best option for overly loud environments, such as airplanes or trains. It will help you to drown out all that extra noise, relax and quickly drift off into a comfortable sleep.


Made for ASMR

GN18 earphones are also designed to enhance ASMR. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the phenomenon where people achieve a sense of complete calm or even low-grade euphoria through listening to very soft, whispering voices and/or repetitive, mundane sounds such as pages turning in a book or the scratching of a pencil. People who experience ASMR describe feeling a deep relaxation similar to getting a massage. Listening to ASMR triggering sounds can also be an effective way to quickly fall asleep. With this is in mind, GN18 earphones have a special setting just for ASMR effects to help you relax and get the sleep you need.


GN18 earphones

Sleep is precious. GN18 earphones eliminate outside noises affecting your sleep and help make sure you get the rest you need. Best of all, you will barely even know you’re wearing them. So, lie back, relax and sleep well with GN18 earphones.

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by Jamie Bennett

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by Jamie Bennett