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Toilet-a place where everyone spends, albeit small, but part of his life. Sometimes it becomes an unpleasant necessity.  According to statistics, one fifth of the adult population of our planet suffers from hemorrhoids at different stages of its development. This disease is caused by a sedentary lifestyle or work associated with low motor activity, stress, Smoking, abuse of acute and salty food. Unfortunately, all this is inherent in the life of modern man.


Risk group

The risk group includes people who are forced to lift weights or work for a long time while on their feet – hairdressers, sellers, teachers. And also those who on a professional accessory are compelled to sit constantly-drivers, Bank employees, cashiers, programmers, accountants and other office workers.

The development of the disease can contribute to overly dry toilet paper. But the hygienic procedure is necessary in the toilet.


From the history of hygiene

Thousands of years ago people used for hygiene purposes various materials depending on the country, weather conditions, social status, customs, etc., People wipe hands, leaves, corn cobs, cloth, fruit skins, seashells, stones, sand, snow or water.  In ancient Roman public toilets, latrines, used reusable units - sea sponges on long sticks. They were washed in vinegar or salt water.

With the development of printing Europeans moved to book, magazine and newspaper pages. Chesterton's famous quote says that you should "always carry a volume of cheap poems with you, so that, sitting on a pot, entertain yourself, and then find a worthy application for what you read." Modern invented toilet paper, the American Joseph Gayetty. Released in 1857 Gayetty''s Medicated Paper – medical paper, Gayetty was soaked with aloe and protected by watermarks with the name of the manufacturer. Today, demanding users are not surprised by the paper of all colors of the rainbow. According to statistics, a third of the inhabitants of the Earth uses this benefit of civilization for its intended purpose at a speed of a thousand rolls per second.

Get rid of dry toilet paper

A new improvement was wet toilet paper. After all, wet cleaning is always better than dry. But as part of the impregnating liquid wipes contain parabens. These preservatives tend to accumulate in the body, negatively affecting the hormonal background. They are similar to the female hormone estrogen. And excessive estrogen content adversely affects some people, especially women during pregnancy. With a large accumulation of preservatives in the body increases the risk of cancer of the breast, uterus and testicles in men.

Ideal solution

But there is good news! The main novelty of hygiene products – FOHM. It transforms ordinary, dry toilet paper into a gentle product that carefully cleanses everything. Its pasty texture makes you feel good when it touches your skin. FOHM perfectly disinfects and softens the skin and anus. If you have any pain in toilet hygiene, you will get rid of it. And in the composition of the this means quite there is no parabens! FOHM will allow you to leave the toilet room every time with a sense of inner harmony!





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by Evgeny Kulkov

For many years I travel and do tourism. The journeys I have made and continue to make are divided into three types. First: economy-travel with my wife and two children (rent cheap housing, self-cooking, etc.). Second: single kayak trips along the rivers of Russia with visits to small towns and historical sites (about 40 rivers). Third: hitchhiking through Europe. I also love my Moscow and know a lot about my city. All that I have accumulated during my travels and my walks around Moscow, I want to share with you.

by Evgeny Kulkov