> Ervét: A Two-Duvet Bedding System Designed For Couples

Ervét: A Two-Duvet Bedding System Designed For Couples

One of the worst things that could happen when you're asleep is being out of blankets, and this usually happens when you share them with someone else. Sure, not being alone at night is great, but if they're a blanket hoarder, it diminishes all the fun, love, and affection. What's worse is when you wouldn't agree if the room should be warmer or colder. One way or another, a person ends up suffering through what could have been a wonderful slumber.

Ervét: A Two-Duvet Bedding System has a solution.

It allows you to snuggle into a cozy burrito without worrying having to look out for the fraction of the blanket that you are occupying. You have your own space. Your own fraction of the blanket that will never be taken away from you. There will never be a contest of who's stronger when they're asleep. You would not be forced to cuddle in your sleep just so you can have your fair share of the blanket. No one will take away your blanket from now on.

It will never be too warm or too cold again.

Sometimes, we wake up in the middle of the night shivering or sweating. Neither of them is better than the other. Sometimes, this poses a problem for couples. One person may find the room too cold while the other finds it too hot. Then, the airconditioning competition begins. It becomes a debate, and one of them will surely have an uncomfortable sleep.

Ervét can prevent this. Because you can mix and match the inserts for whatever temperature you want, you can totally solve this problem. Since the two of you have your own blankets, you can choose a warmer or a cooler insert. Most of all, they are incredibly breathable! Go on, it's your own, personal blanket now. No one's stopping you.


What's more is that it's eco-friendly!

Anything environmentally friendly is always a better option. With the environmental repercussions of mass producing--from animal cruelty to pollution--choosing an eco-friendly option is the least we could do. Ervét is 100% vegan. No animals are harmed in the making of this incredible duvet! As if it never gets better!

The packaging is also eco-friendly with the absence of plastic and every component being reusable. The box that contains the whole package can be used as a storage box for practically anything you would want to keep. There are also tote bags that you could use casually or as a grocery bag. These pieces are simple, but they encourage a zero-waste lifestyle.

This means that in its own little way, Ervét is promoting environmental solutions.

Ervét: A Two-Duvet Bedding System could be a life-saver.

Imagine everything a good night's sleep can do. It can increase your productivity for the next day. It will help you stay fresh and energized. It allows your body to function in the best way it could.

This is your gateway to a peaceful slumber. It's time to sleep like a child.


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by Valerie Durias

Valerie G. Durias is a creative writing graduate of Silliman University. She writes poems, plays, short stories, and online articles.

by Valerie Durias