> EcoVisor F4 SOEKS 5-in-1

EcoVisor F4 SOEKS 5-in-1

EcoVisor F4 SOEKS 5-in-1 is an easy to use device that can detect nitrates, radiation, electromagnetic field and also test your water. In addition, the EcoVisor F4 SOEKS 5-in-1 has maintained its quality both in its design and accuracy. All SOEKS devices are developed, designed and manufactured in Europe, tested and certified: CE, ROHS, EAC, ROSTEST and ISO 9001. 

Are Nitrates bad for you?

SOEKS is a pacesetter being the first ever nitrate testing technology. High doses of nitrates can lead to a condition called Methemoglobinemia. This condition occurs especially in infants whereby nitrites in the blood deactivate haemoglobin, which allows red blood cells to carry oxygen. Nitrates can be found naturally in foods such as vegetables, though at times farmers use nitrogen fertilizers to make the vegetables grow faster which could lead to high levels of nitrates that are unsafe. Nitrates are also added to processed foods like bacon as a preservative, add a salty flavour and give the foods the red/pink colour. Nitrates can also form nitrosamine molecules that cause cancer and food borne illnesses like botulism. This is why EcoVisor Nitrate tester comes in handy in testing levels of nitrates in your food and water so as to ensure that they have the right levels. 


Radiation is the transmission of energy through space or a medium. Apart from radiation from the sun, there are other types of radiation used in medicine though we are exposed to them in small quantities in our daily lives but are toxic in high doses since they cause damage to living tissues. These types of radiation are called ionising radiation: Alpha particles, Beta particles and Gamma rays. SOEKS Radiation Detectors also known as Dosimeters, are easy to use Geiger Counters, come preset with the normal threshold, have a visual display with values in MicroSieverts per hour(mcSv/h) which you can switch to CPM or Milli Roentgens per hour and alarm sound to indicate radiation exposure.

Electromagnetic Field

An Electromagnetic Field, also known as EMF/EM field is created when electric current flows and will exist even when there is no current. A stationary charge only produces an electric field, an electric field can also be produced by a changing magnetic field and if a charge is moving it will produce a magnetic field. In a situation where the current is not flowing, the magnetic field strength varies with the power consumption but the electric field strength will be constant. There are many sources such as thunderstorms, X-rays, power sockets and they are also transmitted by radio waves such as TV antennas, radio and mobile phone stations. We have daily exposure to an electromagnetic field through items such as: microwaves, our mobile phones, computers, tablets, refrigerators. It is with the help of the SOEKS Impulse EMF Meter which to make it easy to use has preset modes, visual display and alarm sound to indicate the level of exposure so as to have peace of mind when going about your normal day to day activities.


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