> DreamOn: Your 1-Step Solution For Better Sleep

DreamOn: Your 1-Step Solution For Better Sleep

Sleeplessness has slowly turned into a modern lifestyle problem that can affect anyone, even children! While lifestyle changes can help, one cannot always drastically change one's career choices or responsibilities. How do you get a good night’s rest then? One modern day solution that seems to have understood the science behind the sleeping problems, and come up with an ingenious solution is DreamOn: Your 1-Step Solution For Better Sleep. 

DreamOn is an easy-to-use device that looks just like a wristwatch and can help you fall asleep rapidly, without any medication. Whether you are a new mom, an entrepreneur, someone who works in shifts, a doctor, a software professional or just a light sleeper, lack of sleep can not only make you feel mentally and physically exhausted, it can also affect your ability to work and think with clarity. Without relying on sleeping pills or other medications that have their own side-effects and can become addictive, DreamOn can easily solve your sleeping issues by helping you relax and sleep anytime and anywhere. You wake up refreshed and re-energized to begin the day with a fresh boost of confidence. 

How Does it Work

When it’s time to sleep, all you have to do is put it on.  DreamOn emits a soothing low-frequency pulse. Focussing on this pulse helps your mind relax, making you stop thinking about multiple other things and concentrate on one thing, slowly drifting into a relaxing sleep. This technique is backed by decades of scientific research on brain rhythm. If you can gently tug your brain to replicate an external signal or pulse that is monotonous, the brain automatically begins to relax and fall asleep.

Who Can Use It

DreamOn works wonders for people from all spheres of life who have difficulty sleeping, anyone complaining of lack of sleep and disturbed sleep.

It is especially a safe, discreet and easy-to-use device for,

  • People with chronic insomnia
  • New Moms adjusting to the sleep and wake routine of their baby
  • Children finding it difficult to sleep at night
  • People waking in the middle of the night and finding it difficult to go back to sleep
  • Individuals working in shifts not used to daytime naps

...and more.


The best part about DreamOn is it is a natural and drug-free way to get restful sleep and remain asleep.

It is,

  • Lightweight
  • Discreet
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
  • Can be worn by Ages 6 and up
  • Safe
  • No side effects

What’s more DreamOn can also track your sleep data easily with a companion app and help you understand better your sleeping patterns. It can also assist you in meditation and bring a sense of calm in your life. For parents worried about their children who complain of sleeplessness or generally take time to fall asleep, DreamOn is nothing less than a boon.   

The biggest advantage is undoubtedly the gift of a full night’s sleep that helps you wake up feeling refreshed and recharged to carry out the next day’s work. Imagine - no more going blank during crucial office meetings!

This scientifically designed device might just be the thing you need to forget all sleep nightmares from now on, and dream on!

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by Atula Gupta

Atula is a writer and an editor. She began her career as a copywriter and now writes for many publications globally. Atula also runs her web-magazine on endangered wildlife at

by Atula Gupta