> Cotton Shower Pillow: Time For Quality Sleep

Cotton Shower Pillow: Time For Quality Sleep

In our busy life, good sleep is really important for our daily regime, health, career and family relations. Good sleep can improve our concentration and productivity and can help us to reach our aims and to show better performance. It improves our immune system and increases our athletic possibilities. On the other side, the poor sleepers have a greater risk from heart disease and stroke. Bad sleeping can put you in depression and increases the chances to gain weight because it is affecting easily the metabolism of the body. Many people ruin their emotional relationships only because bad sleep affects their emotions and social interactions. So good night sleep is really important for everyone in order to be a full member of the society and to enjoy life. The biggest reason why most people can't sleep properly is actually the pillow under their head. That's why to choose the right pillow is the most important in order to assure your calm night. The biggest innovation on the market today that can guarantee you time for quality sleep is Cotton Shower Pillow.


Multi-structure ergonomic design that improves your body posture

Cotton Shower Pillow has a unique 4 in 1 multi-structure design that consists 2 Neck Support Tubes, Top layer pillow and Bottom layer pillow for a great comfort of the body. The pillow also has two different ergonomic sides with distinct features that are a guarantee for the best sleep possible no matter in which sleeping position you are. From the Crown Side, the small depressions for the backof the head help lower the crown of the head and allow your neck to gently form its natural c-curve support your shoulders and help maintain a good posture. From the Arch Side, the contouring edges gently support the shoulders and neck. The ergonomic design allows you to sleep deeply and helps people who suffer from back pain, insomnia and anxiety. The superior sleep comfort is guaranteed from the microfiber filling inside that makes you feel like you are on a cloud.


Natural organic features

Natural white clay properties and organic phytoncide oil scent are the special features of the Cotton Shower Pillow. Processing the fabric using white clay is removing 99 % of the impurities and has an antibacterial effect that relieves symptoms of skin rash and atopy. The natural phytoncide oil scent is helping you to relax and assure good rest.


Easy to use

The pillow is washable, easy to adjust and has 5 different colours. Sometimes the pillows with only cover-washable accumulate sweat, dust and bacterias from ages. This is not hygienic and is not good for your health and good sleep. Cotton Shower Pillow is fully washable even in a washing machine. The 4 in 1 structure is preventing the filling from clumping after every wash. Also, it is made of 32mm thin 100% polyester microfiber filler which is also giving the possibility to adjust easy the hight of the pillow. Open the zipper and take off of the filling or add extra. The nice variety of 5 different unique colours will make happy everyone. You can choose between Teal Green, Indie Pink, Royal Blue, Beige and Chocolate.

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by Mariya Iliychova Georgieva

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by Mariya Iliychova Georgieva