> Clium: Portable L Ultrasonic L Smart Oral Appliance Purifier

Clium: Portable L Ultrasonic L Smart Oral Appliance Purifier

So you got your teeth fixed.

And now you have a retainer.

Well, you thought your job was done.

Unfortunately, no.

You got to clean up that retainer.

Else, you will suck up germs that may, once again, harm your oral health.

What are you supposed to do?

Do you simply clean your retainer with a brush?

That surely sucks up your time!

And it doesn't even clean up well!


What if you didn't have to?


Nobody would encourage you to wear those metal wires again without cleaning them up.

But...what if you had someone or something do it for you?

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning...

And checking up on your retainer...

It's ready to serve you for that day.

Once you got yourself ready and you're all brushed up yourself, you're going to wear it.

Easy life, isn't it?

Yeah. Apparently, you only had to go about your day without worries.

You're now smiling all you can. Ear to ear.

You had time to snuggle up to your kid.

And suddenly, for the first time in many years, you had more time for your wife.

Your mornings have become brighter!

You slept early and well that night...

All because you didn't have to clean up your retainer by hand.

And of course, all those aligners and fake teeth, too.

By the way, who did the cleaning for you?

Or, more appropriately...

What was it that did the cleaning of your retainer for you?

Actually, it was this portable, ultrasonic, and smart device that accomplished it.

And it's actually a purifier.

In other words, it's designed to purify oral appliances...yep, your retainer included!

And it's not only that.

You happen to be a musician. You play the trombone well. And you have a nice mouthpiece for all your wind instruments. 

Well, guess what. You can use the same Smart Oral Appliance Purifier to sterilize all those mouthpieces!

Could there be anything better than that?

Of course, this portable device called Clium apparently offers more.

It's smart, so it's compatible with Google and Alexa.

It's small and portable, so you can easily carry it with you at work or anywhere else.

Need a temporary container for your retainer while you sleep?

Clium also serves as a sanitizing container.

So, there's no need for you to leave those dentures in the bathroom!

Just place your denture inside of this well-designed container, add water and a little mouthwash or a denture-cleaning tablet, dock the container on the station, and with just a button press, your precious Clium starts cleaning!

Why will you settle for anything less than the best for your oral health?

Remember why you decided to get your teeth fixed in the first place?

Yes, that is because you don't want harmful bacteria to continue reigning in your mouth and wrecking havoc on your health.

Why don't you continue what you've started?

Why don't you start using the best UV-sterilizing device for your oral appliances?

If you care for your mouth, you'll care about everything you put in it, too.



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by Crystal L

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by Crystal L