> Babahu X1 - 1st AI Powered Hand Free Toothbrush

Babahu X1 - 1st AI Powered Hand Free Toothbrush

Teeth hygiene is the first thing which comes to our mind whenever we hear about people having gastric disorders, why? Because it all starts with the mouth. The germs get accumulated in the mouth especially between our teeth and it is something we should consider in health. Our dentists always have taught us to brush our teeth daily. Whatever food we have eaten throughout the day accumulates between our teeth in the corners of the mouth which in turn gets stagnant and our teeth decay that is the reason it becomes mandatory to brush the teeth before we sleep and also in the morning to avoid tooth decay.

In this hectic routine of yours where you are running day and night to get your targets done, it is impossible for you to get rest and brushing your teeth also become that chore you avoid every time but self-care is important and you should take it seriously.

Now that technology is rising we have a solution to this problem also, how about a hand free toothbrush to help you with this issue?

These 4 reasons will tempt you to buy this Babahu X1-1st AI Powered Hand Free Toothbrush.

Hand free

The best feature of this product is, that it is hand free that means you can do anything else while getting your teeth cleaned. It is difficult to operate so many things at the same time. But because of this feature of the product, you can save your time and continue your work with ease.


You must be thinking how can we assure you hygiene with this when our hands are away and bristles are not even moving much? The bristles are made of silicone gel liquid which is molded into a unibody. It is medically approved hence we can assure you that it will have no side effects on the body as well as it will help in cleaning between the teeth. That means full assurance of hygiene in just a few seconds.

Compact Size

Size of the equipment always matters because they should not be taking extra space in your home or traveling. A compact brush is all you need to fit in your small pouch so that traveling also becomes easy for you. It can fit in any small pouch or a corner of your bag and even charging its battery is not something you will be concerned because of its good energy level which will sustain our product for a good time.

Saves your time

On an average you need at least 5-10 minutes to brush your teeth but what if it happens in the minimal time span? Yes, this hand free toothbrush will take only 20 seconds to get the work done. That is why it is the best way to save your time and you have more time to do something different also. 

This powered hand free brush is a boon from technology, it has all the reasons to be the part of your routine, make your work easy and keep your teeth healthy.

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by Khushbu Suthar

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by Khushbu Suthar