Aspara™: The Smart Indoor Garden

By Ladin Atilla

I am no green thumb but, I love eating fresh produce. I believe there are great health benefits to it. I tried to grow a little urban garden by myself so many times that I lost the count. There are a couple of reasons why my urban garden didn't succeed. First, I live in a desert climate so most plants don't survive the summer. Second, I travel a lot and watering the plants becomes a problem. Last, I live in an apartment building. Therefore, space and natural light are not always optimum for plants. Hey, enough talking about the challenges. There is one solution for all. It is called Aspara.

There Is A Method That Can Help You Eat Fresh Produce Every Day

Aspara is a smart indoor garden. It can comfortably fit anywhere (dimensions: 535mm W x 370mm H x 350mm D) in your house. Aspara makes it simple to grow fresh produce at home free of pesticides and nasty chemicals.  You don't need to worry about placing it in light because; it has adjustable built-in growing lights. 

You might be thinking what if it attracts bugs and flies? It is a hydroponic garden which means there is no soil. It has a concealed hydroponic system. No open water, no soil, therefore, no bugs.

What Does A Smart Garden Even Mean?

It means your garden is, connected to the internet. What a time to be alive, right? The Aspara App helps you to monitor the condition of your plant. You can track your plant's light, water, temperature, and nutrients conditions from your phone. It'll send you notifications when your plant needs care. This way you don't need to take care of it every day. You just set it to grow and forget it. It is ideal for frequent travelers.

Fun fact: It also takes photos and makes timelapse videos of your plants. Well, that time-lapse video sounds like a cool Insta-story. Time to brag! 

What can you grow in Aspara?

Aspara has organic and non-GMO seed capsules. Below is a list of seed capsule types you can buy from Aspara.

Start growing your indoor garden in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Fill your aspara with the seeds capsules you want or use regular seeds.

  2. Put water into the tank.

  3. To start the planting process push the yes button.

  4. Aspara App will send you alerts if there are additional care steps.

  5. After 30 days harvest your produce and have a delicious meal.

Does growing fresh produce anywhere, anytime with no hassle started to sound good for you? I can hear you say yes.  All need to do is to head over to Kickstarter and back up Aspara. You will be a part of the community who helped this project come alive. In return, you will be among the first people to own an Aspara. Think about all the fresh salads you can have, yum! 


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