Why is Quality and Adequate Sleep Important During Pregnancy?

Three things are critical when you are expecting that beautiful and bouncing bundle of life—your next child. Top on the list of things you need to pay special attention to are a good diet, exercise, and sleep. Of these three, sleep plays a unique role since the first two deal with you exerting effort to do something while sleep requires you to do just the opposite—log out of all activities and rest. Therefore, we see sleep occupying a unique place during this process as you play your sacred role of ensuring that the world goes on.

But just how important is enough and quality sleep during your pregnancy? How can doing nothing be such a big thing during your expectancy? Well, this question is valid, and that is why I will answer it in this post. Here, we shall share with you research and science-based evidence that underscores the critical place good sleep occupies during pregnancy. Remain with our post to discover more about the importance of sleep during pregnancy.

Here is a perfect example of a pregnant mother sleeping.

Enhanced Immunity

Immunity is a critical component of a safe and healthy pregnancy. The reason is that at this time, you are not just keeping healthy for yourself, no. You are also carrying a delicate human life inside your body, and hence, your immunity level will directly affect your unborn child. By developing a healthy sleeping pattern, you bring yourself into a better position of enjoying immunity. For instance, a pregnant mother who sleeps well is less vulnerable to conditions such as inflammation. Moreover, enhanced immunity enables you to resist other medical conditions that could compromise your health and fetus’ safety.

Better Emotional Health

Besides promoting physical health, good and sufficient sleep allows you to enjoy emotional health. Any married man understands the mood swings that mark the coming of your next offspring on earth. To get the upper hand over these emotional changes, sleep well and long enough—at least 8 to 10 hours daily. Additionally, poor sleeping during pregnancy causes depression. If you want to keep depression and its related complications at bay, then pay attention to your sleep.

Reduced Risk of Birth Complications

Who does not love a smooth and safe transition from pregnancy to birth? Definitely, everyone hates birth-related complications because this last leg of your pregnancy can make a whole difference between life and death. According to research that the University of Florida conducted, poor sleeping patterns lead to depression. When depression takes over your mental health during pregnancy, your chances of developing birth complications are higher. Some of the complications that arise from this condition are premature and low-weight births. According to this study, the researchers established that expectant mothers who slept less than six hours daily were more likely to have a longer average labor than those who slept well during their pregnancy. Out of the 131 women who took part in the study, the results showed that those who didn’t sleep well had an average labor of 29 hours while their counterparts who slept well had 17.7 hours. Do you want your name to be on the right statistics? Sleep on time and take enough time in bed.

Get that Extra Energy You Need

Pregnancy is not just working, but rather, one of the hardest and riskiest jobs a woman can do because you will need extra energy during this sacred transition period. For instance, during pregnancy, your kidneys work extra to expel toxins from your body, and hence, the need for additional energy. But how do you secure that extra energy to carry the world’s most important and delicate load? You will secure this extra energy boost by sleeping enough to allow your body to refresh and replenish.

Improved Mental Alertness

Do you want to retain your mental alertness during your current or coming pregnancy? If you do, then you have to embrace quality and adequate sleep during pregnancy. Naturally, sleep acts as your body’s cleaner that cleans up your neurological database, enabling you to feel relaxed to think properly. Moreover, it restores your neurotransmitter levels, allowing your brain cells to recover their usual activities.

It Keeps You in Great Shape

Who said that being pregnant is a ticket to losing your great shape and figure? When you sleep enough you receive a boost in your growth hormone, which is necessary for maintaining an ideal body shape and weight.

Proper Fetal Development

During pregnancy, the lives and safety of two people are critical—yours and your baby’s. By adopting a healthy sleeping pattern, you enjoy a higher level of the growth hormone that is necessary for the growth of the placenta and uterus. Moreover, adequate and quality sleep promotes the circulation of oxygen to the fetus. During sleep, your blood flow to the baby is at its peak, and hence, the need to create an enabling environment for it through sleep.

You Can Cope with Pregnancy Changes Better

Since all the stages of your pregnancy are marked by changes, you need to position yourself to cope with them. One of the benefits of sleeping well during your expectancy is that you will be better placed to deal with the emotional and physical changes. Some of the changes you will handle better during this sensitive transition period are aching, increased urination, and morning “glory.”

Bonus Tips on How to Enjoy Better Sleep       

Since you are up to date on the importance of adequate and quality sleep during pregnancy, here are tips to help you cultivate this healthy part of your life:
  • Ensure that your bedroom is dark, serene, and cool
  • Use comfortable bedding such as pillars and mattresses
  • Go to bed early to get enough time to sleep
  • Develop and stick to a healthy sleeping routine

Parting Shot

Sleep is one of the three pillars you need to enjoy a healthy and secure pregnancy. Moreover, it has many benefits for the mother and the unborn child. We hope the insights we have shared in this post regarding the importance of sleep during pregnancy will help you to do the right thing during your next pregnancy. Happy motherhood as you prepare to perpetuate the human race.

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