Six Major Health and Wellness Trends in the Workplace for 2019

Organizations that focus on the best health and wellness initiatives for their employees tend to be more successful as healthier employees mean more focused and productive workers. In turn, these employees can work at optimal levels, which typically result in improved business performance and bottom-line profits. More and more companies are realizing the importance of a healthy workforce and allocating hefty budgets to various health and wellness programs. It’s taken some time for many companies to understand the wealth to be found in a healthy and thriving workforce. In more recent years, companies have come to realize that the workplace health and wellness phenomenon is one that they must aim to be leaders in if they want to be the leaders in their respective markets.

Realizing the importance of a Healthy and Wellness in the Workplace

Health and wellness in the workplace enable employees to work at optimum levels. When employees are healthy and well holistically, they to go to work with passion and energy, and this is what will yield the difference between net profit and net loss. Many workplaces have been coming up with incredibly creative health and wellness trends to improve the well-being of their teams. It has not always been easy to implement the kinds of wellness initiatives that sparks an ongoing interest from the workforce. Back in the day, many health and wellness initiatives focused mainly on exercise. Let’s face it; being healthy does not necessarily mean exercising five or seven times a week. Also, it is quite possible for a person to be healthy but not well. Realizing that a healthy workplace is vital to a thriving business, companies that have been able to crack the health and wellness code are reaping the benefits of a vibrant workforce through the various health and wellness trends that have emerged in recent times. The following is a list of some of the most popular trends in Workplace Health and Wellness in 2019.

1. The Push for a Green Workplace


Green workplaces are taking over. The race to a greener planet is in full swing, and no workplace must be left behind, at least, no success-minded business wants to be left behind. With the abundance of organizations around the world pushing for a greener planet through the adoption of environment-friendly and sustainable activities, enterprises have realized that it is now part of their corporate social responsibility to promote a green workplace. By developing a green workplace and getting the workforce involved, workers are educated on the green phenomenon and adopt healthy and sustainable habits at work, which also translate into other aspects of their lives.

2. Working flexibly to improve Wellness at the Office

Many organizations now realize that giving employees the flexibility to perform their tasks results in improved performance. There is no measurable difference between 8 of hours of productive work done at the office, at home, at the park, or even the beach. People work better in their comfort zones, and the reality is that it is likely not at a rectangle cubicle with no window or a fantastic view. Further, 8 hours of work is still 8 hours, whether it is done continuously or in intervals. People have different working styles; Ann might work best at night, and Sean may be a morning person. Giving employees the flexibility to adapt their work style and work at their own pace, or wherever is most comfortable for them will always improve their well-being. Many service companies, such as audit firms have adopted this trend and now reaping the benefits of flexibility.

3. Additional Paid Leave From Work

A few years ago, a new father would be given a few days to experience the first few days with his child. A new mother received just over three months of maternity leave. More businesses are understanding the importance of bonding and spending time with children, primarily from birth and at a young age. This privilege is afforded not just to birth parents, but adoptive parents and those who have children via surrogacy. This additional paid leave extends beyond spending time with children; employees can use it at their discretion since generally there are no stipulated terms of use. Employees who benefit from this paid time off away from the workplace are likely to return to work refreshed and with new ideas.

4. Employer approved Sabbaticals

Sabbaticals approved by employers allow employees to taken extended time away from work, this time without pay. This trend has become extremely popular with both the young and older workforce. It allows the employee to go off and explore personal ventures with the security of returning to their previous jobs if they wish to. For many employees who have lost a bit of their spark in the office, the opportunity to go out an explore something new with the assurance of their jobs if they wish to return is invaluable. The lack of pay is not a bad thing as they have the right to engage in work or ventures that will financially sustain them while on sabbatical. Employees who return from sabbatical return with focus, new ideas, and maybe even new skills.

5. Health and Wellness Fun Challenges in the Workplace

Let’s admit it, who doesn’t like a little fun? The emerging health and wellness fun challenges in the workplace include activities such as ‘fruit day,’ ‘water challenge,’ ‘sneakers day’ and more. It is a thoughtful gesture for employers to provide their employers these simple privileges to improve Wellness at the office. Water challenges are fun and mainly involves drinking water strictly for an entire workday and avoiding sodas and juice. Sneaker day is popular with female workers as they can ditch their heals for comfy flat sneakers. There’s a lot a little comfort can do, and sneakers at the office is a big win.

6. Modern Office Spaces for working well

Move over office cubicle and hello sofa! Well maybe lying on a couch in an office to communicate with clients is a bit too casual, but employers realize that relaxed workspaces contribute to employees who are well and therefore will work well. The days of assigned seats are almost out the door, and standing desks are taking over. We are even finding management personnel collaborating with their teams in open spaces that foster team spirit and greater collaboration. Quiet rooms and dedicated team spaces at the office are now widespread, especially with service firms that employ a considerable team of employees who work on both individual and group projects

The Take-Away

Businesses have become extremely creative with the health and wellness programs they implement for their employees. When employees are well, they work well. Every business is different and has varying resources, so the possibilities for a company to take pride in, and invest in the Wellness of its employees are unlimited.

Diandra Delecia