Pampering this adorable detoxifier of your body called the Liver

Imagine your water purifier without a regular cleansing process. All the impurities keep on getting dumped in it for years only to get saturated one fine day. The result would be quite obvious i.e. it stops working. Same goes for the liver, our own personal detoxifier. With the increasing amount of toxins in our environment, the workload on our liver has also increased manifold. Thus, timely maintenance of it has also become inevitable.

Why Liver Health?


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I would say that liver diseases lie in the origin of most of our diseases. The long list of physiological functions that it performs is the evidence to that. It maintains the blood glucose level in response to insulin by interconversion of glycogen and glucose i.e. glycogen to glucose when blood needs more glucose and vice versa. Amino acids from protein are further processed to generate ATP (energy). Bile, which is required for fat metabolism is produced here. Lipoproteins which carry the cholesterol and other fatty acids to and from other body cells are produced here.

It’s Astonishing Regeneration Capacity

Just like Skin repairs itself after an injury, the liver too can regenerate itself. Studies show that human liver (even 25% of it) can regrow into a full-sized liver within weeks after injury if its growth is not hampered by any of the factors. So, these factors like drugs, diseases, improper diet or toxins must be controlled or eliminated from our system for the liver to get the required time to rejuvenate itself.

How do I pamper my Liver?


One can get Anti-oxidants from foods like Green leafy vegetables, Garlic, Green tea, Turmeric, Pears, lemon, pineapple, all dark-colored fruits, and vegetables.  

Foods best for a Liver Cleanse as per Ayurveda:

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Warning signs of liver damage you must not ignore

Unfortunately, today we all are at a risk for liver damage due to faulty dietary patterns, toxins present in our environments, uncontrolled usage of drugs. So we must take care of the liver as much as possible as a happier liver is equivalent to a happier body.  

Sonal Maharana

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