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  Hello, today I thought that I would give you different book suggestions (mostly young adult) for different mental health needs. For example; Girl, Interrupted for borderline personality disorder as the main character deals with borderline personality disorder. Most of the books I have chosen I have firsthand knowledge in reading them, a couple of these books I have yet to read.


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Mental Health- Books

  Different types of Mental Health Disorders in books


Borderline personality disorder

Girl Interrupted by Susanna Kasin

Girl Interrupted by Susanna Kasin. This story is about Susanna’s battle with borderlinepersonality disorder and how it ends up sending her to an asylum for a year. The story goes over the different meds Susanna takes, different experiences she faces and the friends that she meets in the mental health ward.  


Under Rose tainted skies by Louise Gornall

Under rose tainted skies by Louise Gornall. This story is about Nora and her battle with agoraphobia. It makes it impossible for Nora to go to a regular school (she is homeschooled), makes it almost impossible for her to have friends (until she meets the boy next door), and makes it almost impossible for her to get to her doctor’s appointments. Most of the time her doctor has to come meet her in the car because she is far too anxious to step outside.  

Anxiety in books

By your side by Kasie West

By your side by Kasie West. This story is about Autumn and her battle with hiding the fact that she has anxiety from her friends. When Autumn visits the local library the last thing she thinks about is getting stuck in there. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens on this visit, is she alone? … No. Is she scared? Yes! Autumn must find a way to try and survive the weekend locked in the library alone, or at least she thinks she’s alone. Little does she know Dax Miller has also gotten himself locked in the library. All is fine until Autumn has a panic attack that causes Dax to sound the fire alarm. In the hospital Autumn is told by her parents that it was a smart thing she sounded the fire alarm when she did, Autumn knew that it was Dax but she doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t want them finding out about him or how he stays in the library.

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. This story is about a fourteen year old named Audrey and her battle with anxiety disorder. When Audrey meets her brothers’ gaming partner Linus she has a new sense of energy and excitement. Linus helps Audrey get out of her shell and actually start to enjoy life.  

Depression- books

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Looking for Alaska by John Green. Alaska Young is a student at a boarding school. Miles goes to the same school and is infatuated with Alaska. They are friends and Miles wants to be more. When Alaska and Miles go to a party where drinking is involved they both get drunk. The next day the school has an assembly and says that Alaska Young has been found dead. Drinking and driving. Alaska battled her demons of depression and suicidal thoughts. Miles is sure that Alaska is still alive though and goes on a hunt to find her.

The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Charlie is a tenth grader in high school, his best friend killed himself last summer and Charlie battles his own demons. A history of sexual abuse, and depression. Charlie enters the world of drugs and drinking when he meets and befriends Sam and Patrick. Charlie battles bullying, guilt from sexual abuse and suicidal thoughts.

Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher

Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher. Hannah Baker was a high school student and unrequited love interest of Clay. She tragically took her life two weeks prior. Two weeks after Hannah Baker took her life Clay finds a box of cassette tapes on his doorstep addressed to him from Hannah. The tapes go through a bunch of different places and reasons why Hannah decided to take her own life. A heart-wrenching story that depicts the realness of suicide and abuse.  



Schzio by Nic Sheff

The book Schizo by Nic Sheff is about a boy how suffers from schizophrenia. He is getting better isn’t he? A slew of meds keep him under control and able to focus and concentrate on life around him. In reality, Miles is getting worse. Miles feels hopeless about his life and his future.


It's kind of a funny story by Ned Vizzini

It’s kind of a funny story by Ned Vizzini. Is about a high schooler named Craig who has spent his life trying to get into the right high school so that he can get the proper job when he leaves. All the stress on Craig has caused him to stop eating, sleeping and nearly kill himself. Craig gets checked into a mental institution where he meets a girl who cut her own face with scissors a transsexual sex addict and a self-elected president. While there Craig comes to terms with his anxiety while he is in the institution.

All the bright places by Jennifer Niven

All the bright places by Jennifer Niven. Theodore Finch is fascinated by death and thinking about ways that he can kill himself, every time he thinks of attempting suicide something good happens that stops him. Violet is counting the days until graduation when she can finally leave her small town. When Theodore meets Violet on the ledge of the bell tower at school it is unclear who saves whom. The two pair up to learn about their state and all the wonders that it holds.

Hold still by Nina Lecour

Hold Still by Nina Lecour. This story goes over Caitlin’s life and how she must learn to live after her best friend Ingrid commits suicide. Ingrid leaves behind a painful journal for Caitlin. This story is about learning to go on when the ones we love are gone. Caitlin uses the journal that Ingrid left that went over her descent into depression to connect with family and friends and ultimately herself.  


  All the books I have gone over have something (sometimes multiple things) to do with mental health. Whether it is anxiety, depression, or suicide. The thing that I want people to get from this blog post is if you are suffering it is okay to ask for help, I encourage you to ask for help. Getting help doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong. Mental illness is no joke. Please seek help


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