Living Healthy with This Three-Tier Program – Aging Gracefully

Living healthy while growing older can be a tricky situation to deal with. You face a number of issues at a time. Your body and mind start showing signs of needing assistance and you feel like responsibilities that once seemed just common things-to-do have taken a much larger form. Successful combating with the challenges of aging and staying consistent on one’s normal daily life is a juggling job which attracts everyone’s attention. There are a number of ways to get to your targeted physical fitness at an older age but it is always good to make a combination of methods to fight the aging effects.

You must have come across a number of posts talking about superfoods that fight aging or exercises that keep you young for longer. The effectiveness of these two methods is undoubted for staying young and energetic. But, science has added more fuel to your efforts of living healthy with some new findings. The latest research has come up with more valuable information on how to stay young, healthy and mentally composed and functional in the 70s or 80s or even 90s.

Aging gracefully is a desire of everyone after entering late forties or early fifties. Several studies and findings have listed positive thinking, exercise, and balanced diet as top three key methods for living healthy and young. Those who can maintain a balance between these three in their lives, spend the last several years of their life happy, satisfied, and joyful.  Based on new clinical studies and opinions of experts, here is a brief yet helpful three-tier program for everyone who wants to stay fit despite the days that are constantly adding up to your life.

Positive Thinking

Your thinking style has huge effects on your behavior and subsequently on your overall existence. The personal thinking style of every person shapes up his cognitive strength and weakness both. Actually, this has broader effects like the way you make judgments, process information, interact socially or solve problems but let us focus here how your way of thinking can keep you young for a longer time.

Good Thoughts Fight Dementia

Thinking positively towards aging and having good thoughts about your life helps you fight age-linked disorders like dementia. Psychology professor Becca Levy found out in a study at Yale that positive beliefs about growing older were lesser possible to develop dementia, inclusive of genetically disposed individuals. She said stereotype thinking about aging is transferred to the children from their adults through stories or social media. But, individuals who bolster their positive image of aging reap huge benefits by staying young at quite an older stage of their life. Levy evaluated 4,765 elderly people around 72 years old having no dementia. She studied them for four years through a series of questions about their aging beliefs. Those with more positive thoughts about aging were less likely to develop dementia than those who had negative thoughts were more likely to suffer from dementia and other disorders.

Replace Negative with Positive

Michigan State University assistant professor of psychology, William Chopik surveyed more than half million people on the internet. He found out that attitude towards life and aging start developing at a very young age. Books, movies, and family and friends’ opinions contribute to negative thinking towards aging. This thinking is pervasive and present throughout one’s life. It is hard to change but we need to try to become positive.


Aging starts with cardio muscle losing its prime performance. The moment the heart slows down in its process, the entire body starts giving the signs of aging. It is proven since centuries that different styles of exercises, yoga, aerobics and sports strengthen the muscles. The heart is also a muscle and it weakens with time. Its ability to pump oxygen-rich blood to the body decreases. And, here cardiovascular aging cycle starts. A good combination of cardiovascular exercises that can make your heart pump blood and body sweat can keep aging away.

Cardiovascular Performance Improves with Exercise

The researches done by different experts in the past reveal that 30-minute sessions four to five times a week increase body’s ability 18 percent to absorb oxygen during exercise (VO2) as compared to those who don’t. The elasticity of left ventricle of the heart also improves 25 percent.  The increased VO2 is a sign of physical capacity and longevity.

Start Exercise any Time

It is never too late to get started with the exercise sessions you choose for your heart health.  Do a favor to your aging heart and push your life several years back. Exercise has strong therapeutic effects. Whether you choose running or regular gym sessions or even start playing sports that put your heart to work, you definitely are adding more years to your life and of course smarter figure.

Balanced Diet

Your three-tier program of staying young must contain a good plan of balanced diet also. The necessary minerals, vitamins, protein, and probiotics when supplied to the body in balanced form, boost your health and protect the body cells from age-related damage. Scientists strongly recommend a fixed eating regime based on a balanced diet to attain graceful aging, smart cognitive performance, better mobility, and lower the risk of cardiac health disorders.

Healthy Living with Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are the top list items when it comes to longevity plus healthy living. They contain all essential minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that are good for neurodegeneration while you age. The dark green color vegetables and different berries emphasize mental health. They also protect the damaging function of brain cells. This diminishing function is the key reason for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Aging Gracefully with Unsaturated Fats

Some unsaturated fat like olive oil, coconut oil, and other similar fats lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. They also help control insulin level and blood sugar. Aging is just a process of growing older and by no means, it should be an indicator of depleting health and decreased physical performance. Add unsaturated fat in your daily diet because it helps your body muscles to stay strong for a longer time. Positive thinking, balanced diet, and regular exercise are three tiers of your anti-aging plan. You can keep your maximum physical and mental health once you are able to balance these three aspects of health in your life.

Age expectancy is increasing. Today people live 40 years longer than those who lived two centuries back. With long miles to go in life, it is highly important that you plan and schedule different exercises and maintain a balanced diet. By thinking positive about growing older and your life, you make it easier for the body to cope with the aging process.

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