Importance Of Lifestyle In A Healthy Life

The foundation of a healthy life is entirely dependent on a healthy lifestyle. According to medical definitions, health is reliant on many factors and complex procedures and is determined by various dynamics like age, sex, genetic structure, environmental and social factors. A bad lifestyle or unfavourable living. These factors have a direct impact on health. A lifestyle is a collective name of our modifiable habits and ways of living like working hours, sleeping, eating, hobbies etc that can potentially affect our health and well being. To improve our health, we must improve our lifestyle by changing or quitting all those habits that are posing a threat to our health, whether physically or mentally. This includes taking steps like eating a balanced diet, doing exercise with routine, shedding any stress or anxiety bearing thoughts, avoid a sedentary lifestyle and quitting smoking etc.
In today's world, health is becoming a major issue because of changing environmental, economic and other factors. It is a fact that our surroundings and our lifestyle have a direct impact on our health. The questions that straight away arise in our mind are “How and Why”. Various researches have proved that people living a balanced life enjoy a more healthy and long life as compared to those who don't meet the benchmark of a healthy lifestyle regarding their habits.

Which Lifestyle Factors Affect A Healthy Living?


The food taken regularly has a clear influence on your health and body. Poor or overeating both can be a harm to the functional organs of your body. A balanced diet helps the body to function in a better way keeping you more fit, energetic and active. Along with physical benefits, a good diet helps you remain mentally alert, more focused and boosts your mood. A balanced diet includes vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, each having its own importance in metabolic activities of the body.


Exercise is certainly the most neglected part of most people’s lifestyle. Although, it is one of the top contributors towards the health of a person. In recent decades the massive increase in technology and mechanised lifestyle has inclined the ratio of people towards a desk-bound lifestyle. Use of vehicles as opposed to a walk to work, playing video games instead of physical activity, online shopping etc have made people more sedentary. This attitude is extremely dangerous and can result in various complex diseases. An appropriate daily exercise cannot be dodged in any way for a good life. It does not mean an extensive workout or a long episode of physical activity every day. In fact, an hour or half of walking, jogging, cardio, flexibility, stretching, swimming, cycling or any other physical activity can be adopted on a routine basis. But without proper exercise, a positive change in health is a myth.


Sleep plays a very judicious part in physical as well as mental health of the person. Inadequate sleep leads to various problems due to alteration of brain functions leading to problems associated with focus, concentration, decision making, emotions ultimately can result in any kind of mental trauma. Enough sleep is also responsible for proper physical health because of its ability to help in repairing body cells and maintains the hormonal balance of the body. Any disruption in these processes may lead to problems like heart problems, obesity, kidney disease, blood pressure etc. Getting enough sleep keeps you attentive, productive and in a good mood. People who are sleep deficient, make more mistakes and are less responsive or give delayed responses towards their tasks. Therefore, sleep deprivation not only affects your health but also your social and work commitments. Day sleeping is also a common problem among sleep-deprived people causing brief sleeping episodes during their working hours. In children, the growth can be seriously affected due to lack of adequate sleep.


In today’s busy lifestyle all of us are struggling with stress at certain points in our life. Various stress conditions are work stress due to a busy schedule, education-related stress in students, relationship issues among couples, financial stress and many others. It is true that we cannot avoid it completely but if the level of stress is too much it can be very dangerous for our physical as well as mental health. Increased level of stress activates the fight and flight response in the body. In its reaction, the body secretes high levels of adrenaline and cortisol hormones. These hormones increase heart rate, decrease digestion, reduce various autonomic functions, in short preparing us to fight for stress and emergency. Prolonged release of these hormones in the body can be a triggering factor for a long list of diseases like blood pressure, heart problems, obesity, renal disorders, thyroid disorders, sexual dysfunction etc. To lead a healthy life, it is much needed to avoid as much stress as possible. It can be done by proper sleep, doing exercise, keeping good friends’ company and shunting negative thoughts from your mind. Mindfulness techniques can also be adapted to rejuvenate your soul and spirit.


The negative effects of smoking are no more a surprise to anyone. Even then a huge population of people is ignoring this fact and is still into this habit. Smoking kills as many people per year as many other diseases collectively don’t. Cigarette contains the most dangerous cancer-causing chemicals such as tar, arsenic and carbon monoxide. In addition to this, smoking can also be the prime cause of various lung and heart problems. In everyday life, it makes you feel tired, breathless, enhances the repeated desire of taking a cigarette and prone to infection. It is difficult to quit smoking, but it is of utmost need. The only person who can help you to fight the problem is you yourself and it must be done on a priority basis if you are suffering from the smoking habit.

Effects Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy life needs commitment and persistence but it is worth it. Choosing a balanced life gives you interminable rewards regarding your health. It is not easy to overcome bad habits but once a person determines to alter his lifestyle, there will be no reasons to regret this decision and the effects are far-reaching and never-ending. Among a long list of benefits, a few prominent changes experienced by your body are Better mood
Increased stamina
Healthy body weight
Better mood due to the release of hormones
Reduced cholesterol levels resulting in prevention as well as reducing the risk of various chronic diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery diseases
Increased energy level and many others

An unhealthy lifestyle cannot be altered overnight but once a person puts his life on a healthy track, he will certainly enjoy a good physical appearance and improved mental health. Life is a very precious gift and it should be admired and respected by living it in a fully healthy and prosperous way.


Ayesha Gulzar

My name is Ayesha Gulzar. I am a registered pharmacist in Pakistan. I have a good experience regarding the health and beauty industry in almost all departments like quality control, marketing export etc. I am also a blog writer and find health writing exciting and a driving factor in my professional career. I have additional.knowledge of disease and medication as I have a medical expert degree.