How do you know you have cancer?

Cancer is one of the most important diseases of this age, because of its large spread recently and the inability to find the direct cause of the disease, and even the inability to stop its growth or treatment, because it is usually detected late.


What is cancer?

Cancer is a disease that affects cells which are the basic unit of bodybuilding. Our bodies create new cells continuously until growth is done, replacement of dead cells, or treatment of damaged cells after injury. Certain genes control this process, so cancer occurs as a result of the damage of those genes, although there are a few people who inherit defective genes from one parent. Cells grow and multiply in an orderly manner, but damaged genes can form abnormal cells. These Cells may grow up to form a mass called a tumor. The tumor may be benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer).  

Cancer symptoms

There are no distinct or specific symptoms of cancer. Most of the symptoms that appear on people with cancer are due to other health problems, the cancer symptoms do not seem obvious to many people who are suffered from it, but the chances of recovery from cancer are high if diagnosed and treated early. These are some common cancer symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath, anyone can feel shortness of breath, but if it continues for an unusually long time, the patient should see a doctor to assess his condition.
  • Chronic cough lasts for more than a month and may be accompanied by bloody sputum.
  • Anemia without any obvious cause.
  • Masses in the breast or bloody secretions from it.
  • urination problems such as burning sensation during urination, frequent urination, small amounts of urine and slow urine flow.
  • Change in the shape and size of skin moles.
  • Vaginal bloody secretions in unusual quantities.
  • Chronic itching, especially in the anal and genital area.
  • A chronic headache does not improve with medication.
  • Chronic hoarseness of sound.
  • Severe night sweats.
  • An abscess does not seem to improve or recover.
  • Difficulty during swallowing with indigestion that lasts a long time and continuously.
  • Unexpected and Sudden Weight loss, as the body, loses a lot of weight very quickly and abnormally and this is one of the most predictive signs of cancer in the body.
  • The presence of tumors in the body, appear in the areas of the chest, or the neck, or in the back, or testicles where it is possible that these tumors are cancerous and should be reviewed by the specialist immediately.
  • Excessive bleeding in the body, whether from the nose or in the urine, or blood with the stool.
  • A change in the regularity of the bowel movement in the body and the occurrence of indigestion, change in the size of the stool, and not feel the completion of the defecation process.

Cancer prevention

Although there is no way to prevent cancer, there are some tips to reduce the risk of cancer, including:
  • Quit smoking, this reduces the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer.
  • Avoid long-term exposure to sunlight, because prolonged UV exposure can cause skin cancer.
  • Eat a healthy diet, by eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low protein sources or skimmed.
  • Regular exercise, at least 30 minutes a day for most days of the week.
  • Quit drinking alcohol.
  • Taking care of a healthy weight, obesity or excess weight increases the risk of suffering from cancer.
It is possible through the indicators mentioned above to find out if the person has symptoms of cancer or not and should, therefore, visit the doctor  in case of appearing  of any difference or change in the normal performance of any part or any organ of the body, and the examination must be performed continuously, especially in women, where The woman should periodically check for breast cancer if she feels any mass in the breast or chest because studies have shown that cases of recovery in the first few months of cancer are more likely than late cases.  

Treatment of cancer

cancer There are many treatment methods used to treat cancer. Some cases require the use of one type of treatment while others require the use of a combination of treatments. Treatment of cancer depends on many factors, including the type and extent of cancer. Treatment methods for cancer include:


The use of surgery is for the removal of a cancerous tumor from the human body by a surgeon. Many different surgical methods that can be used in this case, including cryosurgery, laser or excessive heat exposure, Or photodynamic therapy. Surgery is not used for all types of cancer. For example, the best treatment of leukemia is through chemotherapy.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy relies on the use of high doses of radiation to kill cancer cells and reduce the size of tumors, as radiation works to destroy the DNA of cancer cells and thus slow the growth of these cells or eliminate it. Radiation therapy does not kill cancer cells immediately; it may take several days or weeks to kill cancer cells.


Chemotherapy is based on the use of medicines to kill cancer cells. This treatment initially stops or slows the growth of rapidly dividing cancer cells. Chemotherapy also reduces the chance of tumor growth. This type of treatment can be given in several ways; including oral, intravenous, or injection into other parts of the body, and can be used topically in some cases in the form of cream and rubbed on the skin.


Immunotherapy is a type of biological therapy that relies on the use of living materials to treat cancer. The principle of immunotherapy is to help the immune system to fight cancer.

Targeted Therapy

The principle of this treatment is to target changes in cancer cells that help them to grow, divide and spread.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy slows down or stops the growth of certain cancers that require one type of hormone to grow.

Stem Cell Transplants

Stem cell transplant restores the hematopoietic stem cells destroyed by very high doses of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  



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