Herbs for stress and anxiety

It seems like stress is everywhere these days, and usually with stress comes anxiety or vice versa. The good news is there are various treatments available for people suffering from both stress and anxiety, One of these treatments from a natural point of view is herbs. There are times people taking herbs for anxiety, for example, tolerate the herbal medicine they are taking better than other prescription type medications offered by the doctors or health professional.  Herbs at times also work better than some other prescription medications, the reasons are not always clear why they work better they just at times do.  When a person visits the doctor or health professional complaining about anxiety in some way the 1st thing usually offered is prescription medication, medications such as an antidepressant of some kind or if the anxiety is more acute some other kind of medication such as Ativan, or Xanax, something like those types. I'll explore further herbs for stress and anxiety in my article.


Anxiety of any kind can be tough to live with, as with any illness the more severe the harder it is to live with. Sometimes Anxiety comes as a disorder sometimes it comes just before some kind of event ie giving a  speech or it comes from something. But in whatever form it comes in, anxiety can be tough to live with it, and people seeking help for it whether, from talk therapy, some other therapy or medication of some type, they are looking to be at peace. What is an alternative to using prescription medication then? Herbs or herbal medicine is one alternative medication wise to use when it comes to countering the effects and symptoms of anxiety. Herbs rarely have side effects, are not addictive to take and can reset the pathways inside of the nervous system. Herbs are natural anxiety supplements and can and do often times work just as well as prescription medications. I`ll go on to discuss some of the most effective herbs for stress and anxiety.

Herbal remedies for anxiety

Some of the most effective herbs for anxiety are Lavender, reishi mushroom, ashwagandha, chamomile, lemon balm, turmeric, and finally vital also known as a chaste berry.  I`m going to discuss the herbs one at a time to be able to discuss in more detail about what they are and their effectiveness.


Whether it is for chronic long-lasting anxiety or acute anxiety, lavender is one of the best herbs to take. The European extract of lavender called levela has shown to be just as effective as prescription anxiety medications known as benzodiazepines.  It also comes in tea form, and also is used as aromatherapy, such as in a bath, on a pillow or applied as well topically.

Reishi mushroom

Taking this herb one can expect to be relaxed and staying calm, it has that very effect when taking it. It is an adaptogen `s, adaptogens regulate the stress response via the adrenal glands, they help people adapt to the stresses of today`s world, by protecting against stress, and not leaving a person in survival mode. It can be taken in capsule or liquid form, in capsule form the correct dosage is 3 to 9 grams, in liquid form 2 to 4 ml in water up to 2 to 3 times daily.


comes from the class of herbs called adaptogens. It can significantly reduce anxiety as well as cortisol.  It is able to reduce cortisol so well because it resets the adrenal gland stress. It can be used in foods as well as drinks such as smoothies. It helps with sleep so it can be taken before bed because anxiety worry can keep a person awake, Ashwagandha will help with this. The correct dosage in capsule form is 500 to 100mg twice daily, and in liquid form 2 to 4ml twice daily.


Is an herb that has very effective anti-stress properties, it has been shown to improve mood as well as to improve anxiety. it is very popular in tea form, and it is widely available in tea form in many stores. For pregnancies and breastfeeding, situations like that, it is very safe to take.

Lemon Balm

Its nickname is the gladening herb and has been used in Western Europe to brighten people`s spirits for years.  It has anti-anxiety properties and calming effects. Lemon balm has been known to decrease mental alertness and mental processing speed so that makes it more than ideal to take at bedtime. Also, it can be taken before certain events that cause anxiety, speeches or something else, because of it`s sedation effects.  The dosage for this herb is 300mg 4 times a day.


Tumeric has been found to be effective for anxiety and depression. Spice turmeric contains curcumin, an ingredient known for decreasing anxiety associated with an active stress response.  To be sure a person is getting the best anti-anxiety effects, they need to make sure they get the extract with curcumin in it.  The correct dosage is 80 to 500mg a day.

Vital (Chaste berry)

It is an herb that is very effective relieving Pms symptoms, it decreases the anxiety and depression that comes from Pms. It can be taken in capsule or liquid form, the capsule dosage is 180mg up to twice daily and in liquid form 3 to 5 ml daily.

Kava Kava

honorable mention for an herb that wasn`t mentioned earlier, Kava Kava are natural herbs for anxiety and panic attacks. It is a great herb for treating stage fright, fears of flying and test anxiety as well. kava kava can be taken in capsule or liquid form, in liquid form 3 to 5 drops are sufficient, but up to 30 drops can be used if anxiety is severe enough. In lower dosages, kava kava is very safe to take, but in higher dosages, a natural health practitioner should monitor the dosages because kava kava may affect the liver.  Someone with liver disease should not use kava kava. I tried to make this article as informative and insightful as I could. I hope you will take the time to read it and it helps you or someone close to you. I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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