Health Benefits of Black Plum

Black Plum is a Powerful Fruit that cures many Health Problems like Diabetes and Blood Pressure.
According to the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization, over 425 million adults are living with diabetes and over 1.5 billion people in the world are suffering from high blood pressure. These figures are expected to rise high by the year 2050. Diabetes can be caused due to various factors such as genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and environmental factors. Most people suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure depend upon insulin and medicines.
So are you tired of taking insulin and medicines to control your blood sugar and bp? If yes then here is the solution to your problem. Maintain your health by having a balanced diet and include this miracle fruit known as black plum(Syzygium cumini) in your diet.
In Indian mythology, this fruit is termed as Jamun ‘fruit of the gods. Jamun has so many medicinal properties and is extremely beneficial for your health.


Different Benefits Of This Fruit

Diabetes Treatment

Black Plum has anti-diabetic properties and is medically proven in ayurvedic medicine too. As Black Plum is rich in vitamin, antioxidants, fiber and has a low Glycemic Index which helps to control or lower blood sugar.  If you have type-2 diabetes then do not hesitate to eat this fruit. The extract of this fruit helps to regulate the insulin level. Diabetes-related symptoms like excessive thirst and frequent urination can also be treated with the help of this fruit.

Heart Diseases Treatment

This fruit is very benefited for the people who are prone to heart diseases. Since this fruit is also rich in potassium, it protects the heart from strokes and other heart diseases like arteriosclerosis. It prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. The seed of this fruit is very useful as it helps to lower blood pressure and it has a type of glucose known as jamboline which controls the conversion of starch into sugar and thus helps to improve the immune system of your body.

Weight Loss

Black Plum has many health benefits. Since this fruit is low in calories, it is a great snack to maintain your weight. If you want to lose your weight then you must eat this fruit, especially during breakfast.

Boosts Immunity Power And Healthy Fruit For Women

Black Plum helps to purify your blood and for women, it is extremely useful because it cures your menstrual problem and reduces cramps during your periods. It also regulates your menstrual cycle. If your immunity power is decreasing, then this fruit is highly recommended to increase your immunity power.

Cures Dental And Skin Related Problems

Since the fruit is also rich in vitamin C, it is useful for treating problems related to skin such as acne, dark spot, and oily skin.
Make a paste out of this fruit and apply as a fruit mask on your face and then see the results. You can also mix the juice with honey and apply it on the skin. You will have an acne free and glowing skin. It helps to soothe your skin and makes your skin look younger. It also treats your dental problems and keeps your teeth and gums strong. It is also used as a mouth wash and removes bad breath. In ancient culture, the leaves of this fruit are burnt to form ashes. Those ashes are then applied on teeth to strengthen them and prevents gums from bleeding.

Many Antibacterial Properties

The leaves of black plum also used or healing wounds. It has antibacterial properties which help to prevent bacterial infections.
Its juice helps to cure urinary tract infection and gastrointestinal infection. The vinegar derived from this fruit can be used to treat swellings in the liver. You can even apply little vinegar on our forehead to get relief from migraine. The bark of this fruit helps to treat worm infections and respiratory disorders.

Prevents Cancer and Good For Bones

Research has also shown that black plum helps to prevent cancer and tumor. It helps to reduce the growth or spreading of cancer-causing cells.
Extract the juice from the leaf of this fruit and drink it twice daily to overcome from kidney stones. The juice also helps in maintaining blood circulation in your body. People who are suffering from jaundice can also eat them. Rich in Calcium so it also helps to strengthen your bones.

Other Medicinal Uses

Major health problems such as asthma, piles can be cured by eating a black plum. As black plum is water content fruit, it helps to hydrate our body if you are suffering from dehydration. Extract the juice from the leaf of this fruit and drink it twice daily to overcome from kidney stones. The juice also helps in maintaining blood circulation in your body. People who are suffering from jaundice can also eat them. Rich in Calcium so it also helps to strengthen your bones. Do you get mouth ulcers? Apply the fruit pulp on the ulcer. Your ulcers will vanish quickly. It also helps to improve your mood swings. In case if you are feeling tired or fatigue have 2-3 black plum fruits.

Ways to Consume Black Plum

You can add this fruit in your fruit salad.
You can consume it in the form of vinegar or juice.
Make black plum milkshakes and smoothies
Mix one spoon of Jamun powder with water and drink it.
You can also make ice-creams with it.

Side Effects Of Black Plum

Overconsumption of black plum can cause digestive disorders or it can also cause fever or body aches. It can cause cough and congestion in the chest.

Precaution to be taken while eating this fruit.
Never eat this fruit on an empty stomach. Have this fruit with your meal. You can eat it with rock salt or black salt.
Pick the fresh ones from the market and always wash this fruit before eating eat otherwise you will be prone to viral infections.
Don’t drink milk immediately after eating this fruit, it can cause acidity.
Pregnant women can recommend their doctors before eating this fruit.

Black Plum is a seasonal fruit and is affordable. It is antiallergic and antimicrobial.




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