Health and Wellness Habits Everyone Should Practice


July 25, 2019

The terms health and wellness are more preached than practised, they are approached like fancy discussions and not like food for thought, stated like some new statement rather than being need of the hour. However both Health and Wellness have the simplest definitions, and yet most of the living population fails to comprehend, much less apply. Read on to know what the dictionary states about these, and the habits influencing them.

Defining Health

According to the dictionary being healthy is defined as physical, mental and social well being. However it is very often that people forget the mental and social aspects of being healthy, and that is the main difference between feeling healthy and being healthy. Also, another aspect widely ignored is that being healthy is a dynamic condition, and can only be attained by continuous efforts. In practice, it is the link between a healthy body and a calm mind. In priority it should rank second, first being a person’s conscience. It is all about your part in the relationship between you and your body.



Defining Wellness

Wellness is referred to as being aware of the choices you make in life that directly affect your lifestyle. It is a process of continuous change and growth at 360 degrees. In this context being aware is extended to suit different dimensions of wellness. It is about being enlightened when it comes to emotional, spiritual and intellectual wellness. Being attentive when it comes to Environmental and Social Wellness. Having Mindfulness when it comes to Occupational and Financial Wellness. It is about a continuous process of being inspired by the world, being kind to your ourselves and elevating your surroundings.

Importance of Habits

An important link between a person’s inner self and external environment are the habits they follow, because being caught up in the web of what to preach and what to practise our habits are the only things we pursue. The role of habits in our life is that of a catalyst, if they act in the right manner and the right direction they can speed up our life towards its purpose and vice versa.

Making Your Bed

We have known for a long time that how a person starts their day matters a lot, However, It was Naval Admiral McRaven that highlighted the importance of this simplest task. If a person makes their bed every morning they have already accomplished their first task for the day. This little accomplishment will set the tone for your entire day. This task will give a kickstart to your day and will make you more organised A perfect example of how and why little things matter. Also, it is said that the appearance of the room is shown to impact a person’s mood to a great extent, and Hence coming back home to a clean and tidy room can do wonders for your daily routine.

Starting Your Day With Gratitude

Importance of Gratitude is a point that is hooted for in unison by Scientists, Spiritual Leaders as well as Scholars, Thanking for what you have is the first step for making way for more. The underlying logic behind this practice is to make people reflect on what they already have and radiate vibes of abundance start their day on a merry note. The best way to go about this is to start with a list and update it every few weeks so that you get more and more reasons for being joyous.


Benefits of regular exercise go way beyond weight loss and fitness, This is something you do for yourself. Regular physical activity is known to reduce endurance as well as releases endorphins, which are better known as feel-good hormones. The simplest reason behind this is that once the results are visible in the mirror we start craving for the betterment and understand the power of consistency. Also becoming a constant to a result-oriented scenario we are motivated to eat healthily.

Being Active

Sitting around in the corner and lazing away more negative effects that you are possibly aware of, not only is this a waste of time this can lead to you being distracted or worse sitting ideal leads to people wandering on social media comparing your life to others. This way a person can learn new things, meet new people, and most importantly save themselves from distractions like social media.

Plan Ahead

Being healthy and achieving wellness is a continuous process, of having a healthy- Body, Mind and Spirit, we are required to allocate equal focus on all three aspects. Also planning about well being rewards us with a positive outlook on life and keeps you motivated. Because planning is your attempt to bring the future into the present and do something about it.


Keeping a journal is the most underrated habit of all times because if a person is accountable to their selves half of the battle is already won. Keeping a food journal can help you track your calorie intake, making a list of the things you are thankful for is sure to keep you upbeat. Also keeping a to-do list makes it easier for you to be more organised which in turn keeps the person calm. This activity re-directs your focus towards the things that matter and evokes mindfulness.

Pep Talk

The only person who is capable of motivating you inside out is you and self-validation is the most important validation. If you cannot talk to yourself and address the stuff that is bothering you. Talking to yourself about things that matter or motivating ourselves for something might wake you up from deep sleep this prevents the stuff from slipping into a person’s subconsciousness that further enables us to have sound sleep and fresh mind

Reward System

Rewarding yourself now and then because why not? This simple trick of bribing yourself whenever you are a little closer to you to what you want to achieve rewarding yourself is the best idea. In an experiment conducted by Olds and Milner in the late 1950s, they confirmed the existence of brain structures that are solely devoted to mediating rewarding experiences. Hence when you present yourself with a reward, the brain releases dopamine, which in turn offer’s intrinsic motivation.


Not sleeping on time, or not getting enough sleep can result in lack of health and wellness and vice versa and can become a cycle which can hamper your body and mind in many ways. Sleep to your body is just like the presence of your favourite person to your heart everything is a little better with it. Also sleeping on time and being an early riser has numerous benefits we are all well aware about. Keeping in mind the need of the hour we would want to encourage everyone to go to their beds without smartphones.

Facing It

The biggest mistake we make as humans is to take our selves for granted. Ignoring a basic health issue or running away from something that is bothering us. Carelessness, like not visiting your physician or scrolling your phone, while something is bugging you internally because going through something, is the only way to come out of it. Accepting yourself with all the good and bad and is the first step towards wellness.


–Your Body Hears Everything Your Mind Says–



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August 2, 2019

On the behalf of all the readers i can say that is this blog has giving us some very valuable thoughts. Definitely there is a fine line between being healthy and feeling healthy. One can surely start by making bed in morning and slowly and gradually the rest will follow itself. Sleep is very important no doubt in that. The blog also highlights some very interesting and inspiring points like rewarding oneself, pep talks, keeping a journal. Anyone who abide by these small but effective tricks can not only have a healthy life but a happy life. I would like to appreciate the writer for sharing such beautiful thoughts and encouraging us to develop some good habits.

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