Basic Things You Should Know About the Detox Diet

Praised in the United States, especially by the Hollywood stars, the detox remedies have the wind in their sails! Detoxification is the elimination of toxic elements from the body. Detoxification is often used to indicate the treatment of predicaments related to drugs. In relation to food, a detox refers to a feeding regimen meant to eliminate dietary and environmental toxins from our bodies in order to maintain a healthy living. The main idea in this diet plan is to consume natural foods that will improve the functioning of the liver, lymph, and kidneys.

The detox diet is a combination of organic foods, whole-unprocessed foods, beverages, high mix vegetables and fruits, herbal teas, extra virgin oil, water, and certain herbs that aid the detoxification. This diet mainly avoids processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and some supplements (with additives). Therefore, a detox diet is considered to be low in calories.

Why do we need a detox diet?

The primary purpose of a detox diet is to maintain a healthy living. We should understand that a healthy body should not have excess fats. This diet is not extreme or dangerous – in fact, this is the way we should all eat all the time! Here are some of the toxins that we ingest on a daily basis:

  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Antibiotics and growth hormones (given to the animals we eat)
  • Flavors, preservatives, and chemicals added to our foods
  • Air pollution, cleaning products (house, cars, and clothes)
  • Flexible plastics release chemical substances (e.g., plastic water bottles)
  • Makeup
  • Perfumes and toiletries
We are all surrounded by toxins, and that is a good explanation as to why most of us look tired, stressed, and lack energy. The body needs to eliminate these toxins from the bloodstream. When the bloodstream is submerged with toxins, the safest place where the body can store toxins is in the fat cells. If you then try to lose fat, your body will fight to keep that fat to prevent the body from being flushed out of toxins that it is unable to handle. This causes weight loss to become a struggle. So that’s why we all need detoxification! By making this diet, your body is provided with the support it needs to release and eliminate the toxins stored and allow you to start letting go of excess fat. Detoxification provides lots of high-quality nutrients and minerals, natural supplements support, and plenty of water to help eliminate toxins.

Which foods should be on your plate?

Fruits and vegetables


They are essential for perfect diet as well as a simple detox. Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins essential to our well-being and are rich in fiber and antioxidants. Some of the most effective are, the artichoke, cruciferous like cabbages, kale, and broccoli.

On the fruit side, there is a clear preference for grapefruit, blueberries, and raspberries. Fruit and vegetable juices made with the juice extractor are also highly recommended. Opt for diuretic vegetables such as radish, to cleanse the body of toxins.


It is well known that fish is good for health, more so when we are carrying out a detox cure. Concentrate only on lean fish such as salmon, cod or turbot. For cooking, go for steam or the baked version. Do not hesitate to add aromatic herbs like the chives known for its diuretic properties.

Mineral water, tea, and infusions

Ideal for a detox cure especially after the parties, tea, and infusions make a perfect combo. Herbs will purify your entire immune system. For example, you can help with dandelions, which will allow you to infuse the herbs for several minutes before drinking a few cups.

Do not forget, water remains the best way to eliminate toxins. A healthy person is supposed to drink 1.5 liters per! Don’t forget to choose mineral water rich in magnesium. Then you can infuse your drinks according to your tastes. You can also flavor it to optimize its health benefits, turn it into broth or herbal tea.

Which foods should be out of your plates?


This diet generally spreads from the sodas, sweets, jams, etc. These junk foods are a significant threat to health since they lead to obesity and related diseases.

Animal fats (oils, meats, sausages, and butter)

These foods are rich in saturated fatty acids, and therefore must be avoided imperatively, especially if cooked. Cooking releases ketone molecules that would often be in excess in the body.


Alcohol is a popular harmful drink to the body. It causes various metabolic disorders, promotes the occurrence of cancers, and disrupts digestion. So if you have an evening during your detox diet: bet on water or fruit juices with no added sugars!


Tobacco is well known as a harmful substance to the body. It pollutes it the body by administering various poisons (ammonia, arsenic, lead, tar), and depriving it of oxygen.

What health benefits will you get from a detox diet?

Cleansing the body of toxins

Regular food intake and breathing from the air all have the contents of various chemicals that are harmful to the body. Pesticides, artificial additives, alcohol, antibiotics, etc. A detox diet leads to the elimination of these potentially hazardous substances from the body resulting in healthy living.

Re-balancing the intestinal system

Our intestine is home to 1014 hosts: bacteria, viruses, etc. To fight against these pathogens, the body has an intestinal auto-vaccine: the GUT. But our plates, generally too sweet, too fat and too rich in omega 6, cause intestinal putrescences, which induce inflammatory reactions. These effects lead to repeated colds, allergies, eczema, urinary infections, etc. By choosing a detox diet, a healthy intestinal ecosystem is recreated.

Alkalizing your body

The modern lifestyles entail consuming processed food, and not doing enough exercise that leads the body to be more acidic. A significant concentration of acidity in the body is a vestibule for various illnesses and infections. When you take a detox diet, you will alkalize your body and balance your pH.

Improve the Immune system

It is well known that our life depends on our immune system. Although caused by genetics, the influence of the environment on our immune system is not negligible. Taking a detox diet on a daily basis will make your immune system stronger and defend you from various infections, viruses, bacteria or many different sicknesses.

Glowing Complexion

Detoxing has a significant effect on the outside of the body leading to a glowing complexion. Your skin and hair become more shiny and healthy.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most sought-after benefits of detox diets. Basically, the focus is entirely on raw foods, which include fibrous fruits vegetables, and herbs. These food are very low in fat and carbohydrates, which is a great kick start to lose weight.



Imagine the condition of your car without any drain! Definitely, this car will break down. Therefore, detoxification of our filters (liver, bladder, kidney, and intestines) is important since it enhances the regaining of your digestive well-being, promoting proper assimilation of nutrients for better exchanges and ultimately making you more resistant to external aggression.

Kathleen Joy

I have experience in writing authority articles and eBooks on fitness, health, and well-being, nutrition and mental health, as well as alternative health e-books. I’ve researched nutrition and its effects on the body and mind for the past 10 years, and have first-hand experience of how what we eat can positively – or negatively – affect our emotional state and our physical health. I am a qualified CrossFit Level 1 coach with 1 year of experience training with CrossFit principles in my own business. My skills as a Personal Training Specialist and Fitness Professionals combined with my nutritional qualifications have added to my research capabilities by equipping me with in-person experience to reduce, control, and prevent symptoms of chronic illness, enhance mobility and exercise performance, and improve overall body composition and well-being.