5 Outstanding Benefits of Rice Vinegar

Rice is an incredibly cheap yet tasty grain type food item. People all over the world love eating it, and some yummy combinations will make you feel in awe. However, rice isn’t just a tasty alternative to the usual food we eat. It’s also healthy and has a lot of benefits. Rice itself can be made with all kinds of food items so you can easily have a nice combination of very healthy food. For example, people love eating cooked rice with cooked/boiled vegetables.
But this isn’t the only way humans consume rice. This type of vinegar is vinegar from rice, and it is used in various cuisines. It is made by fermenting the sugar in rice using alcohol and acid. However, this type of vinegar is less acidic then white distilled vinegar. Rice vinegar health benefits are many, and we will mention all of them in this article. Here are five outstanding benefits of rice vinegar!

Clean Skin

Amongst the best benefits of rice vinegar, we have skin cleaning. Rice vinegar is helpful in dealing with acne and helps clean your skin. Tea tree oil, purified water, and some rice vinegar are all you need to make an effective skin cleaning mixture. Once you place all of these ingredients in a bottle, make sure to shake it properly, so it actually mixes well. Keep in mind that the ratio of rice vinegar and water should be 1:6 (1 count of rice vinegar to 6 counts of water). Be careful with the ratio as you don’t want to burn your skin. You can make it even lighter (1:7 for example), but the choice is up to you. Once the mixture is done, take a cotton ball and soak it in the mixture. Dab the cotton ball on your skin (wherever you have acne) and leave it for some time. Once it’s all dried up and enough time has passed, just wash your face with water.


One of the greatest rice vinegar health benefits, weight control, is highly important in protecting your well-being and your health. Obesity has been linked to various health conditions such as heart issues, high blood cholesterol, high blood sugar, and numerous others. Managing your weight can be difficult if you don’t have the appropriate lifestyle. Take your time; as long as it takes to adapt.

But rice vinegar isn’t that big of a lifestyle change; after all, you just need to start using it when making food. Rice vinegar helps lose extra flab on your body. Evidence of how great it is at keeping weight in check can be found if we look at Japan; Japanese people have used rice vinegar (mainly from brown rice) to help with weight loss, and some of their dishes feature exclusively rice vinegar.


Living a healthy life is easier said than done. If someone isn’t used to eating vegetables and fruit, and exercising all the time, then they’re going to have a tough time starting. And not everyone is inclined to work out just to keep the cold away. A great alternative to staying healthy is using rice vinegar. This entry to our rice vinegar health benefits list is another important one. Rice vinegar has amino acids, and these acids are essential to the functioning of our bodies. Free radicals are a dangerous thing to have in excess, and rice vinegar helps control their levels. If you’re looking for a means to boost your health and live through flu season – check out rice vinegar!

Fights Fatigue

Fatigue is the enemy to all of us, especially when we want to get in shape. Some people even give up during this stage as their bodies aren’t used to the excess straining that exercising can pose. Of course, this muscle straining and pain isn’t anything bad and is necessary before finally starting not to feel so much discomfort. One of the rice vinegar health benefits that will help those that want to lose weight or just want to start working out is that rice vinegar fights fatigue. Lactic acid is what gets developed when you exercise, and is the reason why you feel sore and stiff. Rice vinegar contains a lot of amino acids that regulate lactic acid. So, using rice vinegar in your meals will result in you having a lot of energy throughout your workout day!

Heart Health Improvement

The final entry in our rice vinegar health benefits list is heart improvement. Cholesterol is bound to build up in your body throughout your life, and you need to know the ways on how to combat it. Cholesterol, when there’s too much of it, is dangerous and can even be fatal. High cholesterol is one of the foremost reasons for death in the United States.

And the reason cholesterol levels increase is due to peroxide formations (which are considered fatty). Rice vinegar stops this from forming, which, in turn, slows down the building of cholesterol. If you’re looking to add a couple of years to your life and not take away some, choose rice vinegar as your vinegar of preference!

Rice vinegar has many different benefits, none of which should be missed out upon. Adding a couple of teaspoons of rice vinegar to your food will be beneficial to your health when it comes to the long run. Even when we’re talking about the near future, rice vinegar is a good choice. If you plan to workout and start losing weight, rice vinegar will not only keep you energized while you’re exercising; it will also help keep your weight in check! And another added benefit that most people don’t realize instantly is that it can add a nice taste to your food.

It’s easy to get, but some places don’t have it. Your best bet would be to check out some Internet stores and see if anyone has rice vinegar for an affordable price. There’s no better way to live healthy than by using healthy and natural ingredients!

Sourav Paul

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