10 Benefits of Laughter for Your Mental and Physical Health

Benefits of laughter are of no measure. No doctors will be necessary if people incorporate laughter as yoga in their daily routine to live a stress-free and illness-free life. Laughter is an emotion that best keeps people together. It triggers a healthy and physical change in the body. In our childhood days, laughter was part of our daily routine. However, as adults, our lives tend to be stressful and more serious where laughter is infrequent.

Laughter is a powerful antidote to pain and conflict. It strengthens the immune system, levels up the mood and protects from the bad side of stress. Performing laughter yoga alleviate the mind from stress. This form of yoga lightens the humor, inspires hope, act as a resource for surmounting problems and help stay focus. Hence, laughter is an excellent remedy for keeping good mental and physical health.

Laughter as yoga has proven benefits to both the psychological and physical health. It is a form of yoga that many people are practicing the laughter therapy. Below is a brief description of why laughter is beneficial for the health. Ten reasons why laughter is the best yoga for mental and physical health are given below.

  1. Relieves Stress

Does laughter relieve stress? Well, laughter reduces the levels of stress that engulf the body. It is one of the best muscle relaxants. It is an exercise that amplifies blood vessels and aid in the supply of blood throughout the body. Laughter forms part of our emotions that effortlessly combine joy, relaxation, betterment, and peace of mind. Laughter yoga is the easiest meditation anybody can practice that does not require any conscious thought. Good laughter relieves the whole body from stress. laughter as yoga
  1. Acts as A Natural Painkiller

Having a stressful life often lead to illness and complications. Some painful complications are spondylitis, muscular spasms, and arthritis. All these medical conditions result in intense pain in the body. In fact, laughter is the best solution to act as a natural painkiller. There is no need to be under medication to be relieved from pain. Laughter helps to increase endorphins in the body. The endorphins are painkiller that the immune system develops.
  1. Controls the Respiratory System

Asthma and bronchitis are serious respiratory problems. Laughter yoga thus helps to improve the oxygen levels in the blood. Performing laughter exercises are the best outcome for a better lung. Laughing regular and at the frequent level will empty the lung to grab more oxygen. This act as cleansing properties of the lung. Studies have proved that laughter decreases the frequency of asthma attacks. It increases the antibody levels in the immune system. Hence, reducing chest infections and asthma attack.
  1. Intensifies the Resilience and Vigor

Having a powerful lung is one of the factors that regulate that resilience and vigor of the body. In fact, people with low breathing power will run out of stamina. Furthermore, laughter is an activity that aid to increase the level of relaxation. It is one among the best exercises to benefit the strength and robustness of the whole body.
  1. Boosts the Immune System

Laughter yoga actually acts as a booster to the immune system. The perfect therapy increases the antibodies level in the body. Anxiety, stress, depression and other negative emotions are likely to weaken the immune system. All these are natural cell killers that reduce the abilities to fight infections and diseases. A good laughing remedy will maintain good mental and physical health. It also reduces the level of hormones in the body. Thus, preventing allergies, inflammation, infections and even cancer. Laughter is a protective agent against viruses and other microorganisms.
  1. Helps in Weight Loss

Surprisingly, laughter is the perfect medicine for weight loss. With the trend of charcoal products nowadays, people would no longer require the use of such products for weight loss. A good physical exercise that astonishingly burns calories. Who would have ever thought of this? Indeed, laughter will raise the heartbeat rate and alongside speeds up the metabolism. Therefore, it is a good regime for contributing to weight loss.
  1. Controls the Mental Health Condition

Modern life and busy daily routine adversely affect the mind. This lead to stress. Mental health breakdown is common conditions due to depression, insomnia, anxiety and the nervous system failure. Laughter helps to achieve better sleep and overcome depression. Such activity will aid people who take anti-depressant pills and drugs. Consequently, laughter controls the mental health condition.
  1. Social Benefits of Laughter

Laughter brings lots of joy and happiness to our lives and to that of other people. It is an activity that is infectious in a hasty manner. Laughing ourselves and making people around us to laugh will always be beneficial. It is similar to a social pact that elevates the mood of others. Such therapy diminishes the stress levels of the people and improves social interactions with each other. Laughing socially delivers a positive energy and feeling. This lead to a more joyful relationship.
  1. Helps Toning the Face

One of the notable benefits of laughter yoga is having a toned and young face. Exercises help to tone the muscles of the body. Apart from yoga, there is no sport that aid to stimulate the facial muscles. Laughter derives a sense of well-being and improves facial expressions. It increases the supply of blood in the face. This makes the face to glow by nourishing the skin. Laughing is a good remedy to make people attractive, cheerful and appear young.
  1. Prevents Heart Disease

People who laugh occasionally control the blood pressure levels in the body. It is a good exercise for the heart muscles. The more people laugh, the more active the heart becomes. Such activity makes the heart stronger and functions in a better way. Laughter is the best medicine to improve blood circulation and oxygen in the heart. Thus, reducing the risk of clot formation. We have seen the many benefits of laughter. It is the best yoga for mental and physical health. Laughing daily will help live a simple stress-free lifespan. Consider laughter as the perfect medicine for a healthy and joyful life.

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