Baxter Of California Deodorant

Baxter Of California Deodorant Stick 75gr

DeodorantAlcohol and aluminium free Baxter of California Deodorant provides long lasting protection from body door without irritating the skin Its musk and citrus scented solid gel does not leave stain on clothes This product is ideal for men who have sensitive skin Guaranteed Aluminium and Alcohol Fee DeodorantMost super strength deodorants from the drugstore contains harmful ingredients like aluminium and alcohol which do not only cause stains but also block the pores preventing the removal of toxins from the body and irritating underarm skin Baxter of California Deodorant has a formula absolutely free of alcohol and aluminium containing all natural ingredients that effectively eliminate unwanted body door by masking it with a mild fragrance of citrus and musk Its botanical extracts have moisturising and healing properties preventing and alleviating skin irritation What's the Baxter of California Deodorant What sets Baxter of California Deodorant apart from other deodorants is its special fusion of natural plant extracts and oils making the deodorant highly effective yet mild on the underarm skin • Acai Berry extract fights damaging free radicals• Tea tree oil and comfrey root extracts help soothe the skin and lessen irritation• Witch Hazel counteracts inflammation• Chamomile provides hydration keeping the underarm skin moisturised Order one today at Feeling Sexy and get a chance to avail of discounts