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Natures Goodness Olive Leaf Mouthwash 500ml

How Olive Leaf Mouthwash works Nature rsquo s Goodness Olive Leaf Extract Mouthwash is a naturally based formula which will freshen your breath and help fight plaque and tooth decay Use daily in conjunction with brushing and flossing as part of your oral care routine Nature rsquo s Goodness Olive Leaf Extract Mouthwash is alcohol free paraben free SLS free and contains no artificial colours flavours or sweeteners nbsp nbsp Olive Leaf Extract contains anti bacterial compounds such as oleuropein to help fight the bacteria which cause bad breath and tooth decay nbsp Xylitol inhibits plaque formation and tooth decay by preventing the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth nbsp Decyl glucoside a mild naturally derived from corn starch and coconut oil surfactant Anti bacterial nbsp Fights plaque and tooth decay Cleans mouth nbsp Freshens breath Refreshing citrus mint flavour Directions Fill measuring cup to 15mL Rinse mouth thoroughly for 30 seconds and expel Use twice daily after brushing or as required nbsp Ingredients Water glycerine xylitol decyl glucoside hydrogenated castor oil olive leaf extract lemon oil peppermint oil citric acid potassium sorbate natural colour chlorophyll

Natures Goodness Olive Leaf Toothpaste 110g

Nature rsquo s Goodness Olive Leaf Toothpaste 110g fights tooth decay and bad breath with the natural antibacterial power of Olive Leaf Extract Olive Leaf is a potent source of antioxidants substances which protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals and oxidative damage They are reported to reduce the effects of ageing and promote health Benefits No Parabens No Fluoride No SLS No artificial sweeteners Active ingredient Olive leaf extract Other ingredients Sorbitol hydrated silica glycerine water hydrogenated castor oil lauryl glucoside vegetable gum lemon oil peppermint oil citric acid potassium sorbate natural colour

Natures Goodness Propolis Toothpaste 110g

Nature rsquo s Goodness Australia Propolis toothpaste is a unique formula to freshen your breath and to help protect against plaque and gum disease Propolis is a natural substance produced by the honey bee composed of organic acids flavanoids minerals and other essential elements Propolis Toothpaste also utilises the power of Xylitol a natural sweetener substance from the birch tree Xylitol fights acid producing bacteria which cause tooth decay and gum disease Sugar Free Paraben Free Fluoride Free SLS Free Saccharin Free Propolis assists with healing many infections and health problems such as colds and flu ulcers and gum disease Ingredients Each 100g contains Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Water Sorbitol Glycerin Silicon Dioxide Xylitol Lauryl Glucoside Hydrogenated Caster Oil vegetable gum Propolis extract Citric acid Potassium sorbate Peppermint Oil Aniseed Oil Sage Extract Chamomile Extract Clove Bud Oil nbsp Warning Propolis may cause allergic reactions Test before use