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Mount Romance Sandalwood Deodorant 60ml

Aluminium free roll on nbsp The fresh fragrance of Santalia and natural anti microbial properties of Australian Sandalwood combine with Farnesol and Irgasan Triclosan to refresh and gently inhibit odour causing bacteria while preserving your natural body flora nbsp Santalia fragrance will impart a lasting pleasant aroma Unlike anti perspirants which contain aluminium Sandalwood Deodorant is mild enough to be used directly after underarm shaving Note nbsp Anti perspirants containing aluminium generally give longer protection Customers should note that they can expect a maximum of 6 8 hours of protection with Sandalwood Deodorant nbsp As a general rule it will need to be applied more frequently Ingredients INCI Aqua Water Alcohol Propylene Glycol Fragrance Polysorbate 20 Methylcellulose Fusanus spicatus Australian Sandalwood Wood Oil Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone Triclosan Farnesol