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Mister Pompadour Peppermint Conditioner 236ml

Mister Pompadour ConditionerComplete your shower experience with a silky and manageable hair through the use of Mister Pompadour Conditioner This all natural conditioner will bring out the best shine and volume of your hair while making it resilient from the daily stress offered by pollution traffic and weather conditions Product featuresNot all hair care products can accomplish what Mister Pompadour Conditioner does This product improves the hair and repairs damages simultaneously On the improvement section Mister Pompadour Conditioner is a great moisturiser that can manifest its effects even during the most arid conditions Also each use of Mister Pompadour Conditioner can revitalise the hair strands and bring back the natural body and glow of one’s crowning glory On the repair section Mister Pompadour Conditioner targets dry scalp by promoting re nourishment and embedding moisture The product also addresses irritated scalp by reducing swelling and inflamed spots thereby leading the scalp to a baby like healthy state Key ingredientsPeppermint oilThis ingredient provides three noteworthy effects on the hair First peppermint oil induces a calming feeling on the scalp This results to stimulation of blood circulation which is responsible to the overall health of the hair Lastly peppermint oil is the reason why Mister Pompadour Conditioner alleviates dry scalp of users Burdock extractBurdock extract is rich in phytosterols and fatty acids which promote the growth of healthy hair fibres Prolonged use of Mister Pompadour Conditioner can therefore induce vibrant growth of hair strands on balding and sun damaged hair Ivy extractThis plan extract contributes in the cleansing property of Mister Pompadour Conditioner by regulating oil production of the scalp Additionally ivy extract also restores hair strands by reducing damage and promoting bouncy and shiny tresses PanthenolA derivative of vitamin B family panthenol makes it possible for Mister Pompadour Conditioner to retain moisture even after three days of application This is due to the strong humectant property of panthenol which means that the ingredient seeps in to the cuticle of hair fibres to lock in water Trapped moisture on the hair strands will make the hair more compliant to various hair styles without being damaged How to use• Add pea sized amount of Mister Pompadour Conditioner on your palms • Spread generously the conditioner on your damp hair • Let the product remain on your hair for 60 seconds without touching it • Wash your hair with lukewarm water Improve your daily conditioning experience with Mister Pompadour Conditioner You can purchase a bottle from accredited stores or you can directly order from the Mister Pompadour Company through recognised online stores like www feelingsexy com au

Mister Pompadour Peppermint Shampoo 236ml

Mister Pompadour ShampooMister Pompadour Shampoo is not your regular shampoo Designed for men with hair care concerns Mister Pompadour Shampoo will clean the hair while healing scalp damage Product featuresDesigned for daily use Mister Pompadour Shampoo is a hair cleansing agent for men and women Although the product is originally intended for men a number of female respondents have attested to the favourable effects of Mister Pompadour Shampoo on their tresses As a result Mister Pompadour is now receiving order from both male and female clients This phenomenon is not surprising given the features of Mister Pompadour Shampoo First this shampoo is a daily cleansing agent that removes dirt and oil build up on the scalp Each hair strand is also well taken care of in this product as the shampoo eliminates dust and dirt from one strand to another At the same time Mister Pompadour Shampoo heals damaged scalp and hair Such damage can be a result of years of styling and hair procedures that may have been overlooked through time Aside from the sanitising effects Mister Pompadour Shampoo also improves hair body and volume after prolonged use This is due to the non drying and non irritating effects of Mister Pompadour Shampoo Beneficial ingredientsPeppermint oilThe key ingredient of Mister Pompadour Shampoo the oil of peppermint is clinically proven to address damaged scalp The chemical components of peppermint oil heal cuts and bumps on the scalp It also lessens scalp dryness which often leads to dandruff accumulation Last but certainly not the least peppermint oil promotes blood circulation on the scalp Scalp blood circulation which can alternatively be achieved through frequent scalp massage is important in triggering hair follicles to produce nourished and vibrant hair strands Tea tree leaf oilMister Pompadour Shampoo made a winning combination on this product when they partnered peppermint oil with tea tree leaf oil This is because the latter promotes growth of healthy hair fibres Also tea tree oil is responsible for the moisturising effect of Mister Pompadour Shampoo How to use 1 Add nickel size amount of the shampoo on your palm 2 Generously spread the shampoo on your scalp 3 Let it stand for 60 seconds 4 Rinse gently with warm water Shop for a bottle at FeelingSexy today and experience the wonders of this magical shampoo