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Maharashi Ayurveda Toothpaste 75ml

The Maharashi Ayurveda toothpaste uses fifteen potent Ayurvedic herbs including Neem Clove oil Peppermint and Camphor to effectively clean the teeth promote healthy gum health and leave behind fresh breath This is a dark coloured robust toothpaste with a classic herbal taste based on traditional Ayurvedic dental health Made in India Certified Organic Certified Vegan Fluoride SLS free Gluten free

Maharishi Ayurdent Toothpaste 75ml

Strengthen your gums and teeth Natural ayurvedic formula with Neem helps cleanse deep toxins from the teeth and oral cavity Works effectively to strengthen teeth and gums and protect against tooth decay Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate Ingredients Dicalcium Phosphate Wheatgrass Gum Tragacanth Sodium Chloride Oxytoxyglycerin Sorbital Water Albizzia Lebbick Barleria Prionitis Mimusops Elengi Ingian Gallnut Beleric Myrobalans Indian Gooseberry Oak Galls Licorice Black Catechu Small Bark Tree Walnut Long Pepper Ginger Neem Tooth Brush Tree Peppermint Cloves Camphor