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Js Sloane Deep Cleansing Shampoo 236ml

Deep Cleansing ShampooThe Deep Cleansing Shampoo of JS Sloane is suitable to those who want their hair cleaned thoroughly after a day of working and partying hard The product takes any build up away without compromising the moisture of the hair Feel Refreshed with JS Sloane Deep Cleansing ShampooThe product comes in a classic looking bottle packed with high quality ingredients that are guaranteed to provide benefits to the hair Pro Vitamin B5 acts as a humectant that improves the moisture content of your hair Keratin and Collagen has also been added to fix hair that has been damaged The deep cleansing shampoo also enhances luster and elasticity of the hair Get yourself a Deep Cleansing Shampoo TodayThe shampoo looks beautiful with its crystal clear appearance It spreads out better than the other brands available It is effective in removing dirt and build up even tricky ones like the waxy pomade This product is surely a must have in your hair hygiene collection and you can easily purchase it from Feeling Sexy Place your order today

Js Sloane Moisturizing Shampoo 236ml

Classic Moisturising ShampooThe Classic Moisturising Shampoo has been created to help men whose hair has dried out due to their constant use of hair products such as gels and waxy pomades This is definitely a great addition to the exclusive JS Sloane line of hair grooming products There’s Still Hope for Dry and Damaged HairThe Classic Moisturising Shampoo has been developed with the use of modern technology which ensures that it will only reap benefits to the user not do further damage It has a protein component derived from vegetables which enhances elasticity of the hair Clean up and Moisturise with JS Sloane’s Classic Moisturising ShampooSay goodbye to the rumpled and dishevelled look because the Classic Moisturising Shampoo will surely improve the moisture content of your hair The shampoo is packed in an amber bottle to give a vintage look Because of its fragrant smell cleaning your hair will surely become an enjoyable experience Ready to order Shop today at Feeling Sexy