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Full Circle Laid Back Brush Dish Brush

There is nothing like a good scrubbing brush to get stubborn stains off your dishes This one is economical ergonomic and environmentally friendly The brush heads can be replaced when the old ones wear out saving you money as you only have to replace the head not the whole brush It also results in less waste which is better for the environment The curved design is comfortable to hold and allows the brush to lie flat with the bristles away from the countertop This allows them to dry faster and prevents bacteria build up Made with natural bamboo and recycled plastic even the materials used are sustainable The refill heads come in packs of two and are dishwasher safe

Full Circle Laid Back Brush 2 0 Refills Two pack

Replace the worn out heads on your Laid Back Brush with these handy refills By enabling you to use your brush for longer these refills minimise waste and save you money Made with recycled plastic bristles they are environmentally friendly too The life of these heads can be extended too as they are dishwasher safe

Full Circle Laid Back Sponge Dish Sponge

Everything about this dish sponge is ergonomic and eco conscious The handle design is comfortable and arched so that the bristles are up off of the worktop when not in use This helps it to dry faster and keeps it free from bacteria It is made with recycled plastic and has a natural cellulose sponge The head is detachable so that when the sponge wears out you only have to replace a small part of it reducing waste The sponge is abrasive and perfect for scouring those hard to clean dishes The handle is made with natural bamboo

Full Circle Laid Back Sponge 2 0 Refills 2 pack

Replace your old Laid Back Sponge heads with these handy refills They come with two in a pack so that you need to order them less often Made with natural cellulose sponge and a recycled plastic scrubber the environmentally friendly design helps to reduce waste and save money by extending the life of your sponge They are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Full Circle Suds Up Brush Suds Up Brush

The ultimate in lazy washing up this dish brush will make your daily chore a lot more fun Simply press the button on the top of the brush to dispense the soap and scrub your dirty dishes The combination of natural and recycled plastic bristles makes for a tough and absorbent brush that will easily clean dishes It can even stand up on its bamboo handle making for easy storage and keeping the bristles away from the worktop Rather than replace the whole brush when the bristles wear out you can replace with a refill head This reduces waste and saves money This product is patent pending

Full Circle Suds Up Brush Refills Two Pack

Prolong the life of your favourite Suds Up Brush for even longer with these Suds Up Brush refills Dishwasher safe so that you won't have to throw these away until they are worn out these refills are economical and environmentally friendly The heads have two types of bristles all natural bristles to absorb and hold soap and recycled plastic bristles for tough scrubbing action

Full Circle Tater Mate Potato Brush Tater Mate

An organic potato brush for organic potatoes The ergonomic handle is the perfect shape and size to sit in the palm of your hand while you scrub the dirt off your vegetables With a convenient eye remover on the side you can easily take out all those pesky sprouting bits Made with recycled plastic and bamboo it is coated in natural oil to prevent damage from water It stands on its bristles for quick drying and is eco friendly It looks good too

Full Circle The Ring Vegetable Brush Vegetable Brush

Scrub your organic vegetables with this organic Vegetable Brush The ergonomic bamboo handle makes it easy to hold and the blend of recycled plastic and natural bristles makes it unrivalled in its cleaning ability The patent pending design will look great in your kitchen as you decide whether to hang stack or stand your brush The bamboo is finished with natural oils so that it is not damaged when wet and it can even double as a nail brush if required