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Finestra Cielo Organic Bio Ice Ice Pops 10x40ml 400ml

This 400ml pack contains four different organic liquid preparations ready to be frozen for delicious ice lollies mdash black cherry strawberry lemon and orange With no fats or additives and sweetened with natural grape juice this product is the ideal healthy refreshment for summer Ingredients Water concentrated grape juice 25 citric acid natural black cherry flavour natural orange flavour natural strawberry flavour natural lemon flavour concentrated elderberry juice

Finestra Cielo Organic Bio Ice Multifrutti Ice Pops 10x40ml 400ml

With a new flavour and freshness just in time for summer this 400ml pack of organic Multifruits Ice Pops is a bioice ready to make ice pops in four unique and refreshing flavours melon and mango peach mango and passion fruit red orange morello cherry and pomegranate green apple and lemon With a no sugar recipe these organic preparations are ready to freeze for the warmer days ahead Ingredients Water concentrated grape juice 25 acidulant citric acid natural flavours melon mango passion fruit peach orange black cherry pomegranate green apple lemon concentrated elderberry juice