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DEONAT Crystal Deodorant 100gm

No Perfumes preservatives or alcohol Kills odour producing bacteria Non allergenic ndash Will not sting irritate Does not stain clothing Does not clog pores Contains no harmful aluminum Lasts up to one year

DEONAT Crystal Powder 180gms

Powderised natural mineral salts Natural steatite powder Safe and natural for your baby No perfumes No preservatives No harmful chemicals

DEONAT Crystal Roll On Deodorant 65ml

DEO NAT Mineral Deodorant Roll On is a natural low allergenic deodorant that is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to feel fresh and clean all day long along with using an environmentally friendly hygiene product Contains no aluminum No perfumes or preservative Made from 100 mineral salts Hypoallergenic No aluminum chlorohydrate No perfume No alcohol Non sticky non staining Leaves no white residue Must be applied to clean skin Ingredients Purified water mineral salts of ammonium alum cellulose

DEONAT Crystal Sport Deodorant 50g

Made of 100 mineral salts Contains no aluminium chlorohydrate fragrence preservatives or alcohol Helps to kill and retard odour producing bacteria Effective anti bacterial protection Will not stain your clothing and is non allergenic Recommended for the most sensitive skin

DEONAT Crystal Spray 125 mls

Stops body odour the natural way Inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria No inflammation from blocked pores Non allergenic ideal for sensitive skin 100 Natural Mineral Salts Free from Aluminium Chloride