Baxter Of California Daily Moisturising Conditioner 300ml

Daily Moisturising ConditionerBaxter of California started a range of products especially designed for men’s needs and Baxter of California Daily Moisturising Conditioner is no different A protein and nutrient enriched conditioner featuring a mild mint scent that leaves your scalp with a tingling mint sensation What the Daily Moisturising Conditioner Really DoesEnriched with vitamins and minerals this conditioner keeps your hair manageable counts dryness and adds natural shine to your hair while still maintaining volume It is suitable for all hair types and comes in an invigorating mint scent Know the Baxter of California Daily Protein and Moisturising Hair Care RangeWith stronger and longer hair Baxter of California Daily Moisturising Conditioner restores moisture as it helps rebuild your hair It leaves your hair smooth and soft even under the heat and pollution of the city With daily use of the Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo and Daily Moisturising Conditioner your hair gets treated and protected from further damage

Baxter Of California Daily Protein Shampoo 300ml

Daily Protein ShampooEnriched with protein and nutrients Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo keeps your hair strong and long while keeping it smooth and manageable for the whole day For that ultra revitalising feeling it comes in a mint scent suitable for men Strong and LongFrom one of the original men’s grooming brands Baxter of California offers a Daily Protein Shampoo with a gentle formula which removes product build up and natural toxins harmful to your hair’s growth cycle It not only cleans your hair and scalp free from dirt and excess oil but also protects your hair from breakage The Daily Protein Shampoo includes cinnamon bark extract to help promote hair growth and Tea tree oil to control excess oil in your hair Smooth and Fragrant Daily Protein ShampooSuitable for all hair types it gives your hair all day smoothness and all day fragrance from the mint essence For best results use with your Baxter of California Daily Moisturising Conditioner